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Overview Of The Port Of Tunis

About Tunis
Tunis is Tunisia's largest city, situated on a large Mediterranean Sea gulf - the Gulf of Tunis.

The Medina of Tunis is a maze of alleys and souks. Almost any kind of souvenir including carpets, jewellery, spices and ceramics can be found here. Haggling is a way of life here and sellers can sometimes be very persistent.

At Independence Square you will find the Ibn Khaldun Statue, the General Residence built in 1861 and now the French Embassy and St. Vincent de Paul Cathedral.

Note: be respectful of local customs, avoid revealing clothing and knees/shoulders should be covered.

The Municipal Theatre was designed by a French architect and dates back to 1902. It is called
"candy box" due to the rounded balconies at the facade's corners.

The ruins of Ancient Carthage are just a quick taxi ride from the pier.

Overlooking the Gulf of Tunis, Sidi Bou Said is a village with narrow streets, lined with blue and white houses, surrounded by flower gardens.

Palmarium Mall, located on the corner of Carthage Avenue and Habib Bourguiba Avenue and is one of the largest shopping centres in Tunis, housing nearly 230 shops.

A wide range of souvenirs are on offer from carpets, copper and brassware, to jewellery, leather goods and gourmet treats such as olive oil, spices and nougat.

Local dishes include fresh fish and seafood, tajines, couscous and grilled meat and eggplant salad.
Brik (pronounced breek) is a Tunisian dish consisting of thin pastry around a filling and deep fried. Try some mint tea, it is very refreshing.
Cruise Terminal
Cruise ships dock in La Goulette, which is the main port for Tunis. The Goulette Village Harbor is built in the style of an old medina and offers entertainment, dining and duty free shopping.

La Goulette centre is about a half mile away from the docks and Tunis around 8 miles.

Plenty of taxis are available at the Terminal as is bicycle hire.

The National office of the Tunisian Tourism opens an information desk when ships are in port and an information counter, situated in the village yard, supplies visitor and attraction information and leaflets.

Free Wi-Fi is available in the village cafes and restaurants.

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