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Hurtiguten (literally "fast route") is a Norwegian Ferry company which has encorporated a cruising element into its fleet.

The majority of its ships are a joint ferry/cruise operation. You can expect half your fellow passengers to be cruisers there for the spectacular scenery with the remaining 50% being local Norwegians moving between ports.

The ships exclusively sail up and down the Norwegian coast (with the exception of a small number of Antarctic expeditions), calling at up to 7 ports per day and up to 30 on any 7 day trip.

Time in ports is limited, some stops are just for 5 minutes with the maximum stop being 4 hours. Many of the smaller ports are visited throughout the night.

Some excursions are available which involve catching up with the ship at the next port of call.

Don't expect copious amount of entertainment (you may get a singer in the lounge occationally) - the entertainment here is the spectacular Norwegian scenery.

On Board Currency

Norwegian Krone

Crew Nationalities

Dining Staff
Cabin Staff

Tipping / Gratuities

No tipping is expected or required on most voyages. On certain special itineraries a tipping guide will be provided on embarkation. Although tipping is not expected, crew members will be appreciative of a small gratuity for truly excpection service.