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Bar & Lounge Options Onboard The MSC Musica

Blue Velvet Bar (Coffee Bar)
Blue Velvet Bar (Coffee Bar)
The Blue Velvet Bar is Musica’s additional charge coffee bar on deck 6 seating 220 guests and with complimentary snacks ranging from pastries to cookies and potato chips served with all drinks purchased.

Coffee packages are available for around €23 for 21 espresso's (a single espresso costs around €1.50).

Drinks on offer range from chilled liquor based coffees such as Espresso Martini (€6.70), American Style Coffee (€1.10), Cappuccino (€1.90) and Hot Chocolate (€1.90).

Entertainment on offer ranges from live music to trivia quizzes, art and craft demonstrations and cookery demonstrations.
L'enoteca Wine Bar
L'enoteca Wine Bar
L’Enoteca is Musica’s Wine Tasting Bar with tapas and live music and can be found on deck 7 of the ship with seating for 135 guests.

Each day special wine tastings are accompanied by different bites of food, such as fried polenta with cream cheese, bruschetta and other specialties as guests are guided through the wine selection by experienced sommeliers.

Glasses of wine range from around €5.50 per glass to €11.50 per glass.

The bar also features a pianist for live musical entertainment.
The Diamond Bar (Cocktail Bar)
The Diamond Bar (Cocktail Bar)
The Diamond Bar is the ideal location for guests to enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail with live musical entertainment.

It is located on deck 6 with seating for up to 45 guests.
Blue Marlin Bar (Pool Bar)
Blue Marlin Bar (Pool Bar)
The alfresco Blue Marlin Bar serves the Copacabana pool area and is located on deck 13.
Laguna Bar (Pool Bar)
Laguna Bar (Pool Bar)
The outdoor Laguna Bar on deck 13 serves the La Spiaggia pool area and sells a range of beverages along with soft scoop ice cream. The gelato comes in a wide variety of around 16 different flavours from vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, pineapple and coffee to pistachio, kiwi and lemon.

Prices range from:
€1.50 for a small cup of ice cream
€2.50 for a large cup or cone of ice cream
€3.90 for a smoothie such as mango smoothie
€5.30 for a banana split dessert

(Complimentary soft scoop vanilla or chocolate ice cream in a cone is available from the buffet restaurant on deck 13).
Havana Club (Smoking Lounge)
Havana Club (Smoking Lounge)
Havana Club is the ship's smoking room and whiskey bar is situated on deck 7 and seating 32 guests.

The Cigar Lounge offers elegant surroundings with leather settees and armchairs for guests to relax on and enjoy a cigar accompanied by a drink selected from the range of fine spirits on offer.
Bar della Cascata
Bar della Cascata
The 142 seat Bar della Cascate on deck 5 of Musica is the ship's reception bar, featuring live piano music.
The Golden Bar
The Golden Bar
The Golden Bar on deck 6 outside the ship's upper level main dining room is a second pre-dinner cocktail lounge also accommodating up to 45 guests and with live music for entertainment.

Bar MSC Aurea Spa
Bar MSC Aurea Spa
The bar within the Spa on deck 13 serves a range of beverages including energy drinks and fruit and vegetable juice such as Oriental Soup, a cocktail of carrot, cucumber, celery, beetroot and fresh ginger.

It seats ten guests with a further 6 stools around the bar.

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