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MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company) is a very large, but privately owned cruise company. Although based in Switzerland, the company is fundamentally Italian.

Typical passengers are adult couples and families seeking a lively atmosphere without the brashness of, for example, the Carnival line.

Literature and announcements are kept to a minimum but are multilingual when they occur.

Passengers are not allowed to bring guests onboard.

Passengers may not bring their own alcohol onboard, any such alcohol wiil be confiscated.

On Board Currency

Euro (US Dollar for Caribbean, North America, South America, South Africa & Eastbound Transatlantic itineraries)

Crew Nationalities

Dining Staff
Cabin Staff

Tipping / Gratuities

Gratuities are called a "Hotel Service Charge" and are automatically added to the cabin account.

Charges are compulsory and not able to be varied, however they can be removed entirely for poor service by agreement with the Guest Relations Manager onboard the ship.

These charges are quite complex, however we try to give our interpretation below:

Chidren, defined as 14-17 for cruises priced in Euros(€) and 3-17 for cruises priced in US Dollars($), are charged at 50% of the adult gratuity. Children under these ages are not charged a gratuity.

Charges are per person per night.

European itineraries : €7 (€6 for itineraries 9 nights or over).

Cruises to/from the Red Sea : €6.

South African itineraries : $6 with the exception of southbound cruises to South Africa where charges are €6.

South American itineraries : $9 with the exception of westbound cruises to South America where charges are €6.

Caribbean itineraries : $12 with the exception of westbound cruises to the Caribbean where charges are €6.

Tipping staff directly is discouraged.
At passenger's discretion