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Schooner (Piano Bar)
Schooner (Piano Bar)
The Schooner Bar is Royal Caribbean’s signature nautically themed piano bar and can be found on deck 4 outside the ships casino seating 150 guests.

As guests walk into the bar they may detect a unique scent which originates from pitch made of pine tar mixed with oakum used to preserve rigging that was used on tall ships. The mast-like setup in the bar with its ropes and knots are treated with this pitch creating the aroma.

A venue used for a variety of activities, guests can expect to find events ranging from trivia competitions to piano bar entertainment taking place here.
19th Hole (Sports Bar)
19th Hole (Sports Bar)
As the name suggests, the 19th Hole on deck 14 is the ships' golf themed bar with bar stools designed to emulate golf balls and golfing memorabilia adorning the walls.

The bar offers guests the choice of both indoor and outdoor seating and can accommodate up to 35 passengers. It also features a number of TV screens airing sporting events and large glass windows offering views out over the sea.

N.B. The 19th Hole is set to be replaced by the Diamond Club concierge lounge for guests with Diamond, Pinnacle Club and Diamond Plus Crown & Anchor® Society membership when Voyager of the Seas goes in for its upgrade, currently set for May 2014.
Scoreboard (Sports Bar)
Scoreboard (Sports Bar)
The Scoreboard Sports Bar is decorated with sporting artefacts ranging from black and white photographs of different sports to giant leather baseball gloves.

Located on deck 5 with a vintage red convertible Morgan car parked outside, the bar is the ships' second sports bar (in addition to the 19th Hole on deck 14) with seating out on the Royal Promenade as well as inside and room for up to 50 guests and includes TV screens airing sporting events (which remain on even when the bar is closed).

It is an ideal place to enjoy a few drinks whilst watching parades along the Royal Promenade or to take a break from shopping and just people watch.
Champagne Bar
Champagne Bar
A quiet and elegant bar decorated in muted creams and browns with a signature oversized bottle of Moet Champagne in a glass display case at the entrance, the Champagne Bar located on deck 5 is the ideal place to relax with a glass of wine or champagne.

The 52 seat Champagne Bar is not largely used as an entertainment venue with activities limited to the likes of Scotch or wine tasting seminars (charges apply). Due to this the bar is a good location for guests who just want a quiet relaxing drink or chat away from any loud music, entertainment or quizzes.
Pig & Whistle (Pub)
Pig & Whistle (Pub)
The English themed Pig & Whistle Pub seats 40 guests, is situated along the Royal Promenade on deck 5. It is decorated in traditional wood with silhouette paintings on the wall depicting sailing themes, trophy shields, old metal painted advertising signs for the likes of Guinness and stained glass windows replicating an authentic old fashioned country pub.

Serving a variety of imported beers and ales, entertainment ranges from darts tournaments to pub entertainment.
Solarium Bar (Pool Bar)
Solarium Bar (Pool Bar)
The Solarium Bar on deck 11 caters for the adult only Solarium pool and is also ideally located for guests requiring refreshments after a trip to the adjacent fitness centre and spa.
Pool Bar
Pool Bar
The Pool Bar serves the ships' two outdoor pools on deck 11 with refreshments throughout the day.
Sky Bar (Pool Bar)
Sky Bar (Pool Bar)
The alfresco Sky Bar on deck 12 acts as the ships pool and sun decks second bar serving drinks throughout the day.
Cleopatra’s Needle Lounge
Cleopatra’s Needle Lounge
Cleopatra’s Needle is Voyager of the Seas' secondary show lounge, generally used as a cabaret venue where guests can enjoy a show while sipping on a cocktail. It hosts several bingo-like lotteries and the Crown & Anchor party as well live music, dancing, art auctions, open play Nintendo Wii, adult karaoke and game shows such as the Millionaire Game show.

Decorated in an Ancient Egyptian Temple theme with life size stone statues guarding the entrance and Egyptian statues inside, the venue can be found forward of deck 5 seating 410 guests and complete with its own stage, dance floor and bar.
Concierge Club (Lounge)
Concierge Club (Lounge)
Guests staying in Grand Suite-level rooms and higher, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club Crown & Anchor® Society members can enjoy access to the 26 seat Concierge Lounge on deck 9 of Voyager of the Seas outside the aft elevators.

With tea and coffee making facilities, leather chairs and a television, the room provides guests with a continental breakfast and cocktail hour from 5pm to 8pm with soda, beer, house wine, basic mixed drinks and hot and cold snacks (all complimentary).

N.B. The Diamond Club is due to be added during the ships re-fit scheduled for 2014. This feature has already been added to ships which have been currently upgraded including Radiance, Splendour, Rhapsody, Mariner, Grandeur, Serenade, Enchantment, Legend and Brilliance of the Seas.
Viking Crown (Lounge)
Viking Crown (Lounge)
The Viking Crown Lounge on deck 14 with its spectacular sea vistas seats 335 guests and incorporates a number of different lounges which include Cloud Nine, the 19th Hole, the Crow’s Nest, the Seven of Hearts card room and the High Notes Jazz club.

It is the ideal location for a quite drink whilst enjoying watching the sun set out of the large ocean view windows.
High Notes (Lounge)
High Notes (Lounge)
High Notes is Voyager of the Seas Jazz club on deck 14 seating 60 and offers guests live Latin music and Jazz for entertainment whilst they enjoy a drink or two and pre-dinner dance.

The intimate venue has a small stage and dance floor and also incorporates an area forward of the room called the Crows Nest which looks out to sea from large floor to ceiling windows and can accommodate a further 70 guests.

Examples of activities on offer include Martini tasting classes at $14.95 plus 15% gratuity where guests learn all about the art of Martini making whilst sampling 5 different Martini recipes with a souvenir Martini glass to keep at the end.
Connoisseur Club (Smoking Lounge)
Connoisseur Club (Smoking Lounge)
The Connoisseur Cigar Club on deck 5 seats 40 guests and as the name suggests is the ships cigar smoking lounge with a gentleman’s club feel featuring dark wooden panelling, art deco style paintings on the walls and comfortable chairs for guests to relax in with a cigar and cognac.
Aquarium Bar
Aquarium Bar
The 130 seat Aquarium bar circumnavigates the Centrum on deck 4 and features huge aquariums filled with exotic fish.

The venue acts as the ships' lobby bar with blue decor (including a blue grand piano) and is a good central location for a quiet drink or to meet friends and family. Entertainment takes the form of live background music from piano music or classic strings to a Latin band.
Cafe Promenade
Cafe Promenade
Located along the Royal Promenade on deck 5 is Cafe Promenade seating 108 guests and open 24 hours serving complimentary snacks and drinks with coffee, tea, hot chocolate and water available throughout the day.

Snacks range from croissants, breads pastries and doughnuts in the morning to a selection of sandwiches such as salami on sour dough rolls, ricotta, red pepper and olive tapenade rolls and ham and cheese croissants and desserts including granola cranberry bars, mocha brownies, and blueberry pound cake at lunch and pizza and cookies in the evening.

The lively venue is the ideal place to sit and enjoy a drink and snack whilst watching the activities taking place along the busy promenade, or visit for an early morning drink or snack before bedtime after a busy day.

Cafe Promenade is also home to Starbucks coffee and tea for guests wishing to enjoy speciality drinks. A list Starbucks drinks available and prices can be seen below:

Cappuccino $3.75 (tall) or $4.20 (grande)
Cafe Latte $3.75 (tall) or $4.10 (grande)
Cafe Mocha $3.85 (tall) or $4.75 (grande)
White Chocolate Mocha $4.20 (tall) or $5.00 (grande)
Caramel Macchiato $4.20 (tall) or $5.00 (grande)
Cafe Americano $2.60 (tall) or $3.05 (grande)
Vanilla Latte $4.25 (tall) or $4.60 (grande)

Tazo Hot Tea $2.00 (tall) or $2.25 (grande)
Tazo Chai Tea Latte $3.75 (tall) or $4.45 (grande)
Hot Chocolate $3.05 (tall) or $3.60 (grande)
Vanilla Steamer $3.05 (tall) or $3.60 (grande)

Iced Cafe Latte $4.10
Iced Cafe Mocha $4.75
Iced Cafe American $3.05

Coffee $4.25
Caramel $5.25
Mocha $5.25

Soy milk and additional flavour syrups are also available.
Cloud Nine
Cloud Nine
Cloud Nine, encompassed within the Viking Crown Lounge on deck 14, is a 35 seat venue used largely for private functions such as receptions after getting married or renewing vows in the Skylight Chapel on the deck above. It is additionally sometimes used as a second cards room for example to host Bridge tournaments.

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