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Britannia Lounge (Show Lounge)
Britannia Lounge (Show Lounge)
The Britannia Lounge on deck 8 is the ship's main entertainment venue and a great location for a morning coffee and afternoon teas with activities such as ballroom dancing lessons, lectures and guest speakers for passengers to enjoy.

At night the lounge features singers, cabaret artistes and instrumentalists to entertain guests who afterwards can take to the floor and dance along to The Sapphire Orchestra.
Card Room (Cards Room)
Card Room (Cards Room)
The ship's card room is on deck 8 outside the Britannia Lounge.
Photo Gallery (Shop)
Photo Gallery (Shop)
The ship’s Photo Gallery, located on deck 8 midship, is where guests can view portraits taken by the ship's onboard photographer. If they wish to make a purchase they can complete a request form provided at the gallery, drop it in the order box and the photo will be ready for them to collect from the gallery the following morning.

Digital cameras are also available from the photo gallery.
The shops, midship on deck 8, sell a variety of products including chocolates, toiletries, clothing, perfume, skin care and cosmetics in the starboard side shop whilst the port side shop sells watches and jewellery.

Also for sale are duty free drinks and cigarettes which are delivered to guests cabins the night before disembarkation.

A duty free price list from October 2013 can be viewed by
ships/sagasapphire/documents/default/dutyfree1.pdf |clicking here.
View From The Top
View From The Top
View from the Top towards the aft of deck 11 includes a large outdoor viewing screen enabling guests to watch films under the stars.
Today Daily Newsletter
Today Daily Newsletter
For a full list of activities, information on ports and dining times amongst other useful facts, guests receive a copy of Today, a daily newsletter delivered to their staterooms.

Copies of the Today daily newspaper from October 2013 can be viewed by

ships/sagasapphire/documents/default/dailynews1.pdf|clicking here for Day 1.

ships/sagasapphire/documents/default/dailynews2.pdf|clicking here for Day 2.

ships/sagasapphire/documents/default/dailynews3.pdf|clicking here for Day 3.

ships/sagasapphire/documents/default/dailynews4.pdf|clicking here for Day 4.

ships/sagasapphire/documents/default/dailynews5.pdf|clicking here for Day 5.