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Dining Options Onboard The Rhapsody Of The Seas

Bar & Lounge Options Onboard The Rhapsody Of The Seas

Schooner (Piano Bar)
Schooner (Piano Bar)
The nautically themed Schooner Bar midship of deck 6, with a seating capacity of 145 and floor to ceiling windows running starboard side of the ship, is the ideal place to meet for pre-dinner entertainment and drinks.

As guests walk into the bar they may detect a unique scent which originates from pitch made of pine tar mixed with oakum used to preserve rigging that was used on tall ships. The mast-like setup in the bar with its ropes and knots are treated with this pitch creating the aroma.

Serving speciality cocktails, Schooner’s offers a host of entertainment for guests to enjoy from scavenger hunts, Nintendo Wii and trivia competitions during the day to relaxing classical strings, piano and vocal and guitar entertainment at night.
Cafe Latte-tudes (Coffee Bar)
Cafe Latte-tudes (Coffee Bar)
Whether guests require a quick Caffeine fix, coffee break or after-dinner cappuccino, Cafe Latte-tudes is the ideal place to drop by for complimentary cakes, pastries and cookies, people watching and a Starbucks specialty coffee beverage (charges apply).

Located on deck 6 by Ben and Jerry’s and open from 6.30am to 11.00pm, a range of favourites are on offer, with examples and prices listed below.

Cappuccino $2.75 (tall), $3.55 (grande), $3.95 (venti)
Cafe Latte $2.75 (tall), $3.55 (grande), $3.95 (venti)
Cafe Mocha $3.35 (tall), $4.15 (grande), $4.45 (venti)
Caramel Macchiato $3.65 (tall), $4.35 (grande), $4.65 (venti)
Cafe Americano $2.25 (tall), $2.65 (grande), $2.95 (venti)
Vanilla Latte $3.25 (tall), $4.05 (grande), $4.45 (venti)
Tazo Hot Tea $1.75 (tall), $3.50 (grande), $3.50 (venti)
Tazo Chai Tea Latte $3.25 (tall), $3.85 (grande), $4.25 (venti)
Hot Chocolate$2.65 (tall), $3.15 (grande), $4.45 (venti)
Vanilla Steamer $1.50 (tall), $2.75 (grande), $3.75 (venti)
Iced Cafe Latte $3.55
Iced Cafe Mocha $3.50
Iced Cafe Americano $2.65
Tazo Chai Iced Tea Latte $3.75

Coffee Frappuccino $4.00
Caramel Frappuccino $4.00
Mocha Frappuccino $4.00
Additional Flavours $0.50
Soy Milk $1.00
Additional Shot of Espresso $0.70

Frequent visitors to Caffe Latte-tudes can get a coffee card offering a free sixth coffee after purchasing five coffees.
Pool Bar
Pool Bar
The alfresco Pool Bar on deck 9 serves the outside pool area with refreshments throughout the day.
Concierge Club (Lounge)
Concierge Club (Lounge)
Guests staying in Grand Suite-level rooms and higher, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club Crown & Anchor® Society members can enjoy access to the 30 seat Concierge Lounge located forward of deck 11, portside, within the Viking Crown Lounge area.

Serving complimentary continental breakfast and evening drinks, the room includes a coffee machine serving regular or decaffeinated coffee and selection of snacks throughout the day (ranging from caviar and scallops to curry and quiche).
Shall We Dance Lounge
Shall We Dance Lounge
Overlooking the wake of the ship through its large windows, the Shall We Dance Lounge sits aft of deck 6 offering a light and airy atmosphere for guests to enjoy along with a large central dance floor and its own bar.

With a life size statue of a man and woman dancing at the entrance to the venue, the large (300 seat) lounge acts as the ships second entertainment venue with a host of entertainment and activities taking place throughout the day and night from seminars, enrichment lectures, live art auctions and trivia competitions to karaoke and game shows including The Quest game show and Majority Rules.
Viking Crown (Lounge)
Viking Crown (Lounge)
Located high up forward of deck 11 and seating 85 guests is the Viking Crown Lounge offering spectacular panoramic views of the ocean by day and transforming into a lively dance club at night.

The observational lounge is a quiet zone during daylight hours with its intimate atmosphere making it a great location for guests to take in the views or read a book without interruptions. As the sun sets the evening entertainment begins with live music to listen and dance to and a selection of appetizers served for guests to enjoy with a drink (charges apply).

From 11.30am until late, the lounge becomes the ships nightclub as its resident DJ takes over playing current hits for guests to dance the night away to.
Diamond Club
Diamond Club
The Diamond Lounge aft of deck 6 (within the Shall We Dance Lounge, portside) seating 32 is for guests with Diamond, Pinnacle Club and Diamond Plus Crown & Anchor® Society membership. Created to serve loyal guests with concierge access, complimentary breakfast and evening open bar, the lounge has a self service coffee machine (serving espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, cafe crème and cafe latte) and free drinks including cocktails, wine, Champagne and beer.

Continental breakfast is served from 8.00am to 10.0am with bagels, pastries, muffins, fresh fruit, cereals, cheeses and meats and prawns on offer plus slices of bread to toast in the toaster provided.

Complimentary drinks are served from 5.00pm to 8.30pm with petit fours and canapés ranging from chocolate dipped fruits to sausage rolls, spring rolls, vegetable sticks and dips.
R Bar
R Bar
With its iconic furnishings, guests can experience a 1960s vibe at the ’R’ cocktail bar on deck 4 seating 66 guests. Decorated in purples and gold’s, the bar is focused around the elegant Centrum which features regular spectacular high flying acts and shows to entertain guests whilst they sip on classic cocktails such as Gimlets, Old Fashions and Martini’s served by the ship’s resident mixologist.

Guests can also learn how to make their own Liquor and Cocktails with creations such as Chilli Chocolate Tequila and Bacon Bourbon in an Infusion Tasting Hour (charges apply of $19.99 per person with three cocktails created for guests to sample).

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