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Dining Options Onboard The Oasis Of The Seas

Bar & Lounge Options Onboard The Oasis Of The Seas

Schooner (Piano Bar)
Schooner (Piano Bar)
The nautically themed Schooner Bar is the ideal spot to enjoy a drink with friends. Trivia quizzes, piano bar entertainment and sing-a-longs provide a backdrop of entertainment.

The Schooner Bar offers a unique scent which originates from pitch made of pine tar mixed with oakum used to preserve rigging that was used on tall ships. The mast-like setup in the bar with its ropes and knots are treated with this pitch which creates the scent. The bar also features a number of nautical items and artwork throughout with glass tables etched with ships wheel designs and comfortable blue armchairs and cream leather sofas.
Starbucks® (Coffee Bar)
Starbucks® (Coffee Bar)
Oasis’s Royal Promenade on deck 5 features its own separate Starbucks coffee bar serving a selection of Starbuck favourites (from Cinnamon Dolce Latte to Caramel Frappuccino) at à la carte prices along with a selection of pastries and other treats.

Open from 7 am to 11 pm and accommodating 56 guests at a time, the menu and prices are as follows (subject to change):

FRAPPUCCINO’S (small, medium or large cups):
Caramel Brulee $4.25, $4.75, $5.25
Peppermint Mocha $4.25, $4.75, $5.25
Salted Caramel Mocha $4.25, $4.75, $5.25
Caramel $3.95, $4.45, $4.95
Mocha $3.95, $4.45, $4.95
Java Chip $3.95, $4.45, $4.95
Mocha Light $3.95, $4.45, $4.95
Coffee $3.25, $3.95, $4.45
Vanilla Bean $3.25, $3.95, $4.45
Strawberries and Creme $3.95, $4.45, $4.95

Strawberry or Orange Mango $4.25

Caramel Brulee Latte $3.95, $4.65, $4.95
Peppermint Mocha $3.95, $4.65, $4.95
Gingerbread Latte $3.95, $4.65, $4.95
Pumpkin Spice Latte $3.95, $4.65, $4.95
Salted Caramel Mocha $3.95, $4.65, $4.95
Caramel Macchiato $3.65, $4.35, $4.65
White Chocolate Mocha $3.65, $4.35, $4.65
Caffe Latte $2.85, $3.55, $3.95
Caffe Mocha $3.35, $4.05, $4.45
Caffe Americano $2.25, $2.65, $2.95
Cappuccino $2.85, $3.55, $3.95
Espresso $1.95, $2.25

Cool Lime $2.95, $3.45, $3.95, $4.45
Very Berry Hibiscus $2.95, $3.45, $3.95, $4.45

Iced Coffee $1.95, $2.45, $2.95, $3.45
Shaken Iced Tea $1.50, $2.15, $2.65, $2.95
Iced Tea Lemonade $2.55, $2.95, $3.55, $3.95

Freshly Brewed Coffee $1.75, $1.95, $2.25
Tazo Chai Tea Latte $3.25, $3.85, $4.25
Iced Tazo Chai Tea Latte $3.25, $3.85, $4.25
Caffe Misto $2.35, $2.55, $2.85
Full-Leaf Brewed Tea $1.95, $2.15, $2.45
Kid’s Drinks (Hot Chocolate, Juice or Milk) $1.45

Cakepops, Cupcakes, Whoopie Pie and Salted Caramel or Lemon Sweet squares are also available at Starbucks priced at $1.50 for one, $2.50 for two or $7.50 for six.
Champagne Bar
Champagne Bar
The quiet and elegant Champagne Bar situated on the starboard side of the Royal Promenade seats 66 guests and provides the perfect place to enjoy pre dinner drinks or a glass (or two) of bubbly.

With its elegant blue and gold decor scheme and large central chandelier, the venue is devoid of any entertainment making it a good place to just relax with a drink and chat quietly with friends with no interruptions.
Vintages (Wine Bar)
Vintages (Wine Bar)
Vintages is Oasis’s wine bar where guests can sit back and enjoy a glass of fine wine whilst taking in the view of Central Park on deck 8 of the ship from the Napa Valley styled surroundings. Seating up to 73, guests are surrounded by hundreds of bottles of wine sitting in temperature controlled shelves along with the World’s largest bottle of wine measuring 8 feet long.

The ideal place for a pre-dinner drink or light lunch, Vintages was developed with Robert Mondavi, Beringer® Blass Wine Estates and Niebaum-Coppola and offers guests wines from some of the world’s finest vineyards.

During a cruise a number of tastings and classes are held such as champagne cocktail tastings and Martini tastings offering a choice of three different martinis in a two ounce glass, with costs beginning at around $20.00 per person.

Both flights (priced from around $11 to $19) and glasses of wine are available along with a selection of tapas (charges apply). Guests can also try a one, three or five ounce glass of wine using the Napa Technology dispensers enabling them to sample a range of wines without having to purchase individual bottles.

Drinks can be ordered on an iPad which is provided and the system allows guests to select a wine based on its characteristics and also makes pairing suggestions based on what they have selected.
Globe & Atlas (Pub)
Globe & Atlas (Pub)
The 128 seat Globe and Atlas pub is centrally located along the Royal Promenade on deck 5 and is an ideal meeting place for drinks, people, performances and more with pub entertainment and sing-a-longs.

The interior is decorated in the style of an old fashioned English pub with wooden chairs and tables whilst outside the giant copper globe incorporated into the pub’s facade above the entrance “cracks open” to reveal the Atlas Bridge which unfurls on hinged hydraulics and extends out over the Promenade as a bridge platform, 10 feet above the ground. Entertainment acts then perform on the platform during Royal Promenade parades.
Pool Bar
Pool Bar
The Pool Bar serves the Main Pool, portside of the ship on deck 15 with refreshments throughout the day and seats 14 guests.
Sand Bar (Pool Bar)
Sand Bar (Pool Bar)
Serving the Beach Pool with drinks, the Starboard Sand Bar on deck 15 seats 14 guests.
Sky Bar (Pool Bar)
Sky Bar (Pool Bar)
The outdoor Sky Bar lies just above the Pool Bar on deck 15 below and, with 6 seats, provides an additional bar for guests using the sports zone to purchase a drink from.
Mast Bar (Pool Bar)
Mast Bar (Pool Bar)
The Mast Bar is the Sky Bar’s starboard counterpart serving the pools situated below on deck 15. It is also used at night for singles get together events.
Wipe Out Bar (Pool Bar)
Wipe Out Bar (Pool Bar)
The Wipe Out Bar, situated between Oasis’s two FlowRider simulators in the Sports Zone aft of deck 16, is a great place to watch people trying out the surfing machine. With seating for 36 the alfresco bar also offers uninterrupted views over the stern.
Boleros (Lounge)
Boleros (Lounge)
Boleros, situated on deck 5 outside the Amber theatre, is Oasis’s Latin themed 90 seat lounge decorated in rich red and orange tones with comfortable leather armchairs, and served by its own bar with stools around it to sit on.

With its own dance floor, guests can enjoy the Latin dance music played here each night, late into the night with a mojito or caipirinha.

Guests can also take part in Salsa dance classes and champagne art auctions in Boleros during the day.
Diamond Club (Lounge)
Diamond Club (Lounge)
Diamond, Diamond Plus, and Pinnacle Club Crown & Anchor® Society members are permitted access to the Diamond Club sitting above Boleros on deck 6 and created to serve loyal guests with concierge access, complimentary continental breakfast, and evening drinks.

Complimentary waiter served pre-dinner drinks are available from around 6pm to 8pm each night along with a selection of appetizers.
Viking Crown (Lounge)
Viking Crown (Lounge)
The Viking Crown Lounge is situated high above the ocean on the small individual deck 17 (midship of Oasis) featuring large curved floor to ceiling windows offering spectacular vistas by day out over the ocean and the pool area below.

Acting as the ships observation lounge the room has a muted brown and mauve colour scheme, with comfortable arm chairs and includes its own bar and small stage area for live entertainment which ranges from easy listening to Caribbean style music and Jazz.

With a guest capacity of 171, during the day it is the ideal place to relax and enjoy the spectacular views with a good book or game of cards whilst at night it turns into a lively dance club.
Concierge Club (Lounge)
Concierge Club (Lounge)
Guests staying in Grand Suite-level rooms and higher, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club Crown & Anchor® Society members can enjoy access to this lounge serving complimentary continental breakfast and evening drinks.

Seating 121 guests it is located adjacent to the Library on deck 11 and is also home to the ships Chef’s Table dining experience held on the mezzanine level.
Pinnacle Lounge
Pinnacle Lounge
The 55 seat Pinnacle Lounge is a small nicely appointed lounge with large floor to ceiling glass windows located outside the Viking Crown Lounge on deck 17 and generally used for small private functions (ranging from religious services to wedding receptions for guests getting married or renewing their vows in the Pinnacle Chapel opposite).
Rising Tide Bar
Rising Tide Bar
The Rising Tide bar is an engineering feet spanning three decks allowing passengers to enjoy a cocktail whilst they move slowly between the Royal Promenade on deck 5 to Central Park on deck 8.

The oval-shaped, glass-enclosed bar seats 32 passengers and travels up the three decks to Central Park every half hour. It is also used to host single and solo travellers get-togethers throughout the cruise.

As the rising tide bar travels upwards, its place on the Royal Promenade comes alive with water fountains and coloured lights providing a display of jets of back lit water shooting skyward and beautiful glass work in the pool below. Within the pool are thousands of tiny glass bubbles which both compliment the decor and soften the sound of the falling water.
Boardwalk Bar
Boardwalk Bar
The Boardwalk Bar serves the casual Boardwalk neighbourhood featuring the likes of the Seafood Shack, Donut Ship and the carousel. Seating 60, the bar also offers a small selection of fruit, salad and sandwiches.

Additionally, the bar overlooks the Aquatheatre on the decks below so guests can watch “Oasis of Dreams,” the acrobatics and diving spectacular, from above if they’ve failed to get a seat in the theatre itself.
Trellis Bar
Trellis Bar
The alfresco Trellis Bar is situated amid the tree-lined Central Park by the Rising Tides Bar and seats 20 guests at the few high tables and chairs, along with some bar stools. The bar also provides drinks to the nearby restaurants.

Its central location makes it the ideal place to stop for a drink before dining in some of the ships select restaurants or for post dinner drinks at night as the park lights twinkle and guitarist or string quartet play in the background.
Solarium Bar
Solarium Bar
The adults-only two deck high glass-panelled Solarium is served by its own bar located on the mezzanine level (deck 16) overlooking the pool below with padded rattan style chaise lounges and chairs and stools for seating.

The area is also used as additional nightclub at night called Club 20 on a number of occasions during a cruise.
Vitality Cafe
Vitality Cafe
The 56 seat cafe within the Vitality at Sea spa on deck 6 opens from 7am to 9pm and serves a range of complimentary snacks along with freshly squeezed fruit juices, vitamin drinks and power shakes (charges apply), making it the ideal place to visit after a relaxing massage or work out in the gym.
A party band regularly plays at Dazzles, a Deck 8 dance club venue situated between the Boardwalk (Deck 6) and Central Park (Deck 8) and aimed towards the slightly older guests. Spanning three decks and accommodating 222 passengers, it overlooks the Boardwalk from a two-level-high window and features white and purple armchairs throughout the club, which makes the place a comfortable venue to sit and listen to a live band.

A host of entertainment takes place in Dazzles from pre-dinner dancing and ballroom dancing to big band music, Rock ‘n’ roll dance parties, 80’s theme nights and the Majority Rules game show.

During the day, Dazzles is open for guests to take in the view of the bustling activity on the Boardwalk over a drink or learn a new dance move with a professional dance instructor.
Jazz On 4
Jazz On 4
Jazz on 4 is a relatively small (92 seat) Jazz Bar and club. The bar features rich, warm tones of walnut panelling, plush red and chocolate sofas and chairs and velvety curtains decorated with hand-stitched Swarovski crystals that sparkle as they catch light.

Located on deck 4 amidst the Entertainment Place neighbourhood, fans of jazz can enjoy soulful sounds in an intimate environment with live performances each night.

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