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Majesty Of The Seas

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Majesty of the Seas has two outdoor pools separated by two whirlpools. With a maximum depth of 1.7m/5’6” they include a shallow section separated by metal poles from deeper section for kids to swim in.

Guests can borrow towels from the adjacent towel station open from 7am to 10pm with any towels not returned at end cruise incurring a $25 charge per towel which will be added to SeaPass accounts.

The pool is served by a nearby Ice cream station and the Pool Bars. Music is provided from the stage by the likes of the ships Caribbean band and activities include demonstrations and dancing under the stars pool parties with Caribbean dance music and buffet (once per cruise from 11.45pm to 12.30am).
Sports Court
Sports Court
The ship's outdoor Basketball court is located aft of deck 11 where guests can take part in games amongst themselves or in organised tournaments such as 3 point shoot out competitions, open play soccer, Basketball Free Throw Competitions and dodge ball.
Table Tennis
Table Tennis
Table tennis is available on deck 11 by the Sports court with equipment provided for guests to enjoy a quite game or take part in an organised tournament.
Rock Wall (Rcokwall)
Rock Wall (Rcokwall)
Royal Caribbean’s signature outdoor Rock Climbing Wall is located high up on deck 12 of the ship and unlike the majority of walls on the rest of the ships fleet it is not attached to anything meaning that both sides of the wall can be climbed up.

All of the equipment including shoes, helmets and harnesses are provided and socks, tops and shorts or trousers must be worn and clothing must be dry. The minimum age to climb the wall is 6 years and waivers must be signed to take part in the activity (by adults for all children under the age of 18). 6-12 years olds must have adult supervision at all times and sessions last around 30 minutes and are based on a first come first served basis.

Shuffleboard (Deck Games)
Shuffleboard (Deck Games)
Shuffleboard is located on deck 5 of Majesty of the Seas, with regular tournaments available for guests to take part in.
Jogging Track
Jogging Track
Although deck plans show the ship's jogging track to be on deck 12, the main jogging track is located on deck 7 where 3.4 laps equal one mile and guests can run all way round the ship (between the hours of 10am and 10pm so as not to disturb people in the cabins on deck 6).

The track on deck 12 is narrow with restrictions and sun loungers which get in the way and has no official measurement of length like the track on deck 7.

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