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MV Discovery

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Discovery Theatre
Discovery Theatre
Seating 170 passengers and located on the Riviera Deck is the Discovery Theatre where guests can view movies or attend enrichment lectures.
Carousel Lounge (Show Lounge)
Carousel Lounge (Show Lounge)
Forward of the Riviera Deck is home to the Carousel Lounge. Served by its own bar it makes the ideal venue for the ships nightly entertainment programme.

The lounge offers 2 nightly shows to cater for the two dinner seatings, along with cabaret acts throughout the cruise.

Shows range from the likes of Abba and We Will Rock You to Rock and Roll Dreams along with speciality acts.
Bridge Club (Cards Room)
Bridge Club (Cards Room)
The Bridge Club lounge on the Riviera Deck is the ships venue for Bridge tournaments and board games such as backgammon. It provides guests new to the game of bridge with the change to learn how to play the game.
Card Room (Cards Room)
Card Room (Cards Room)
The Card Room on the promenade deck offers a quiet area for guests to enjoy a casual game of cards along with a selection of board games.
Photo Gallery (Shop)
Photo Gallery (Shop)
The Photo Gallery on the Riviera deck displays portraits taken of guests by the ships official photographers along with photo developing services and download services enabling guests to save pictures from their media cards onto disks freeing up space to take more photos.
MV Discovery’s shop, located on the Pacific deck and open whilst the ship is at sea, offers a full range of duty free gifts along from liquors, tobacco and chocolate to photo frames, jewellery and fashion along with small essentials that guests may require whilst on board.