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Bar & Lounge Options Onboard The Disney Wonder

Cove Cafe (Coffee Bar)
Cove Cafe (Coffee Bar)
Cove Café is an adults-only 40-seat lounge located on deck 9 midship next to Quiet Cove Pool on the Disney Wonder. Open from approximately noon to midnight daily, Cove Café is a relaxed setting providing both air-conditioned indoor seating and outdoor seating where adult guests can unwind with a refreshing alcoholic beverage, gourmet coffee or snack.

With magazines and books for guests to read and a large flat-screen television showcasing the latest in news and sports, Internet access (available at an additional charge) can also be found here allowing guests to surf the net, keep in touch with family and friends back home and check emails.

An example list of drinks and costs can be seen below:

Speciality Coffees:
Coffee Toledo $6.50
Mint Mocha Latte $6.50
Espresso $2.25/$3.25
Cappuccino $2.25/$3.25
Café Latte $2.25/$3.25
Café Mocha $2.25/$3.25
Macchiato $2.25/$310

Speciality Teas:
Masala Black Chai $4.25
Imperial English Breakfast $4.25
Thunderbolt Darjeeling $4.25
Russian Earl Grey $4.25
Floral Jasmine $4.25
Exotic Iced Tea $2.25
Darjeeling $4.25

Champagne & Sparkling Wines $5.75 to $14.50
White $5.75 to $9.50
Red $7.25 to $11.75
Fortified and Dessert Wines $6.75 to $15.25

Espresso Martinis:
Toblerontini $8.50
Espresso Martini $8.50


Guests who purchase a speciality coffee mug, available in Cove Café and other shops onboard, are entitled to a complimentary coffee in Cove Café.

Snacks are complimentary.

Diversions (Pub)
Diversions (Pub)
Diversions is a 120-seat sports pub lounge located on deck 3, forward in the Route 66 area on the Disney Wonder. During the day, fun interactive games for the entire family such as giant Jenga and trivia quizzes take place whilst after 9.00pm the lounge is a haven for adults looking to mingle over mixed drinks or participate in more adult-oriented games and activities.

Designed as a contemporary sports pub, Diversions provides an intimate setting and friendly atmosphere for guests to unwind with a drink or recline in a plush chair overlooking a large porthole window and watch the sun set.

Featuring a number of big-screen televisions broadcasting live sports-related programmes in addition to popular non-sports related entertainment, Diversions features wood gaming tables that include checkers, chess and backgammon.

Additional activities taking place in Diversions include Martini Tasting (charges apply of around $15 per person), beer tasting (on both 4-night and 7-night cruises during days at sea) and Club 18-21 social gatherings.

A full bar serves a large selection of beer, wine and mixed cocktails for an additional fee as well as speciality coffees like espresso, cappuccino and coffee colada with rum and coconuts.

Guests 21 years and older can purchase a 22-ounce refillable beer mug. Refills can be purchased later for a special price at any onboard nightclub, bar or lounge that sells draft beer. Please note that guests will need to bring the mug to receive a refill at the refill cost.

Complimentary hors d'oeuvres and snacks are also served throughout the evening.
Signals (Pool Bar)
Signals (Pool Bar)
Signals is an adults-only (over 21’s) bar on deck 9, midship located next to the Quiet Cove Pool on the Disney Wonder. Open from approximately noon to 9.00pm, bedecked with nautical flags and playing soft background music, the alfresco bar is a great place relax under the sun while enjoying a refreshing drink.

Although subject to change, the following beverages are available for an additional fee:
Amstel Light
Budweiser Light
Coors Light
Miller Genuine Draft
Miller Lite
Sharps (non-alcoholic beer)
Frozen Cocktails
Specialty Coffees
Fruit Juices
Bottled Water
Cadillac Lounge
Cadillac Lounge
Cadillac Lounge is a 66-seat, vintage Cadillac-themed piano bar located on deck 3, forward in the Route 66 section featuring a full bar and nightly live music. Open from approximately 6.30pm to midnight daily, Cadillac Lounge becomes an adult only venue after 9.00pm.

Decorated with luxurious dark wood walls, fibre-optic city street murals and chrome and alabaster headlight fixtures on the ceiling, the nightclub provides a romantic setting for guests looking to escape to a more relaxed and quieter environment. Overstuffed armchairs, large porthole windows and a bucket-seat bar add to the ambiance.

The highlight of the venue is an authentic-looking Cadillac El Dorado grill that sits behind the teak wood dashboard bar. Designed by Walt Disney Imagineering in conjunction with General Motors, the automobile features working headlights. Additionally decorative Cadillac Coupe de Ville tailfin accessories are built into the walls and columns along with illuminated red automobile lights which create the illusion of being seated in an authentic vintage Cadillac car.

During the day the lounge is used for events such as Martini tasting classes (charges apply of around $15 per person) whilst by night the Lounge comes alive with live piano music and guest vocalists performing the songs from the likes of Duke Ellington and Cole Porter to Billy Joel and Elton John.

With a full bar, Cadillac Lounge serves a large selection of beer and cocktails for an additional fee including martinis, champagne and wine. Scotch, Single Malt Tequila, Cognac, Port, Madeira and specialty coffees like espresso, cappuccino and café mocha are also available along with complimentary hors d'oeuvres, including caviar and snacks served throughout the evening.
Promenade Lounge
Promenade Lounge
Promenade Lounge is a 104 seat lounge located aft of deck 3 aft off the elevator lobby on the Disney Wonder. Open from approximately noon to midnight daily, it is the perfect place for families to enjoy a refreshing drink or snack, surf the Internet or take part in fun activities that occur throughout the day.

Decorated in an Art Deco style with wood panelling, opulent colours and comfortable furniture, Promenade Lounge offers large porthole windows with seaside views and big-screen televisions showcasing news and sporting events throughout the day and live music in the evening hours.

Although subject to change, examples of activities and entertainment on offer include:
Playhouse Disney Dance Party
Pop Decades Dance
Pirate Scavenger Maps
Wildcats Bingo
Pirate Trivia Quest

Promenade Lounge's full bar serves a large selection of beer, wine and mixed cocktails as well as specialty coffees like espresso, cappuccino and coffee colada with rum and coconuts, and dessert wines such as Apple Ice wine.

Complimentary hors d'oeuvres and snacks, including nachos with guacamole, salsa and sour cream dips, are served in the afternoon and evening hours.
WaveBands (Lounge)
WaveBands (Lounge)
WaveBands, located forward of deck 3 in the Route 66 area on the Disney Wonder is a club designed to resemble the interior of a transistor radio. During the day entertainment and fun interactive activities for the entire family take place. At night, the club is open to adults only offering dancing, games, karaoke and 2 full bars serving mixed drinks.

Featuring illuminated circuit boards and pulsating neon lightning bolts in the ceiling; pillars resembling radio towers mingle with microphone lamps hanging above the tables. Accentuating the theme, decorative copper rings of cathode light create an illusion of waves of sound bouncing back and forth in synchronized harmony.

In addition to plush booths and a vast array of table and seating arrangements, the venue includes a stage space and dance floor for the many shows and activities that occur daily from 80’s Flashback quizzes, bingo, dance parties and karaoke to game shows, Family Variety Acts, Adult Comedy and Ventriloquism shows and a resident DJ later on in the night.
Outlook Cafe
Outlook Cafe
Outlook Café is a 65-seat, 2,500 square foot indoor lounge located on deck 10, forward just above Cove Café offering a scenic retreat for guests to enjoy a beverage with complimentary snacks while taking in spectacular seaside views via the floor-to-ceiling curved glass windows. An elegant spiral staircase connects Outlook Café with the existing Cove Café one deck below.

Guests who purchase a specialty coffee mug, available in Outlook and other shops onboard, are entitled to a complimentary coffee in Cove Café.

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