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Oceaneer Club (Kids Club)
Oceaneer Club (Kids Club)
Disney's Oceaneer Club is the ship's multi-themed, children's activity centre located on deck 5, midship and open from approximately 9:00 a.m. to midnight daily.

Re-vitalised during Disney Magic’s dry dock in October 2013, The Club is the ideal place for children aged from 3 to 12 years to learn, play and make friends leaving grown-ups free to take part in their own activities.

Based around the central Library, portals to 4 themed "storybook worlds" lead off the area as follows:

Andy's Room
MARVEL's Avengers Academy
Mickey Mouse Club
Pixie Hollow

N.B Children have the ability to move back and forth between Disney's Oceaneer Club and Disney's Oceaneer Lab via a secure, kid's only hallway connecting the 2 youth venues.

A wide range of themed activities take place throughout the day at Disney's Oceaneer Club. While some are recommended for certain age ranges, participation is based on a child's interest level and maturity, not age allowing siblings and friends ages 3 to 12 to play together without restriction.

Examples of activities include:
Disney's Once Upon a Time where Bartleby the Bookmaker brings characters to life as he reads.
Puzzle Playtime with Mickey and Friends.

With an endless supply of toys and games, an open seating area for fine arts, and ongoing Disney movies screening on a 103" plasma screen Disney's Oceaneer Club (with mats for naps are also available) will keep children entertained for hours allowing parents to explore the rest of the ship, relax by the pool or experience the numerous entertainment and activities on offer.

Whilst open to guests aged 3 to 12, during Open House those aged 13 years and older are allowed in Disney’s Oceaneer Club and Lab to experience the variety of activities on offer.

Children ages 3 to 12 with special needs are welcome at Disney's Oceaneer Club and although one-on-one care is not possible, if guests notify the counsellors in advance they will try and accommodate for the child as best they can.

Children can be registered for Disney's Oceaneer Club (and Disney's Oceaneer Lab) at the terminal or once onboard the ship or online prior to the cruise. When boarding the ship on Embarkation Day, both children and parents must check in at the terminal or at the front desk at Disney's Oceaneer Club (or Disney's Oceaneer Lab) on deck 5, midship. During this confirmation process, parents are required to fill out final paperwork and children will receive a wristband indicating that they belong to the youth clubs aboard the ship. When registering parents are invited to tour the facility, meet the counsellors and learn more about the many activities offered.
AquaLab (Kids Pool)
AquaLab (Kids Pool)
AquaLab, one of three pool areas on Disney Magic and, located aft of deck 9 (replacing the Mickey Pool), is home to a freshwater pool plus a plethora of pop jets, geysers and bubblers. Transformed during the ships October 2013 re-fit, the 1,800-square-foot aqua playground (“designed” from blueprints created by Donald Duck’s nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie) offers a number of interactive experiences including rotating wheels and levers at water stations, geysers and pop jets. Further features include the Twist n’Spout water slide and Nephews’ Splash Zone.

In addition, shaded deck chairs are available on a first-come, first-served basis and games and activities are hosted by Crew Members in the AquaLab pool area at various times daily.

The area is served by Pete's Boiler Bites and Daisy's De-Lites, serving a variety of snacks and sandwiches, plus Pinocchio’s Pizzeria and the beverage station nearby.

Children who are not toilet trained can enjoy Nephews' Splash Zone, where they must wear swim nappies/diapers. (Swim nappies/ diapers are not permitted in Goofy's Pool, Quiet Cove Pool, AquaDunk and AquaLab, hot tubs or spas due to United States Public Health Service requirements).

Snorkel equipment and swim goggles are not permitted in pools, hot tubs or water-play areas.
MARVEL's Avengers Academy (Kids Area)
MARVEL's Avengers Academy (Kids Area)
At MARVEL’s Avengers Academy, young crime fighters can enter the world of the top-secret command post of S.H.I.E.L.D., where The Avengers train and prepare for special missions. Home to the legendary equipment of favourite Avengers, including Thor's hammer, Captain America's shield and Iron Man's armour, plus computer games, arts and crafts, and surprise Super Hero visits, the immersive entertainment destination will bring out the super hero in any child as they get to virtually wear one of Iron Man’s suits during a simulated training experience on a video display screen.

Children embark on a 2-day recruitment experience where day one teaches them all about fearsome villain’s before making their own super-suits to reflect their super powers. Day two takes them on a course to free youth activity counsellors using their new super powers to thwart Red Skull’s evil spell.
Mickey Mouse Club (Kids Area)
Mickey Mouse Club (Kids Area)
The Mickey Mouse Club is decorated in bright red, yellow and black (Mickey's signature colours), children be creative with crafts and play games on Mickey Mouse ear-shaped tables. The club also features Goofy Gears, a wacky, large-scale wall game.
Pixie Hollow (Kids Area)
Pixie Hollow (Kids Area)
Inspired by the Disney Fairies films, Pixie Hollow is a fun interactive space immersing children into the magical world of Tinker Bell and her fairy friends. Tinker Bell's teapot home serves as a costume wardrobe for dressing-up and children can enjoy crafts, computers and storytelling sessions while sitting on acorn and mushroom-shaped stools.

Disney's Oceaneer Lab (Kids Area)
Disney's Oceaneer Lab (Kids Area)
Disney's Oceaneer Lab is a pirate-themed children's activity centre located on deck 5, midship and open from approximately 9.00am to midnight daily.

The Lab is the ideal place for children 3 to 12 years of age to create, play and explore and is bedecked with a swashbuckling nautical theme with a collection of props and treasures from the journeys of Captain Mary Oceaneer.

Designed to entertain and engage the children, the room includes a 103" plasma screen showing Disney movies, a stage where kids can listen to stories or star in their own plays and a pirate workshop to concoct crazy experiments, cook and participate in other hands-on activities.

Leading off the lab’s main room are four play spaces:

Captain's Workshop offers computers, themed tables and maps, original buccaneer-styled artwork and activities throughout the day and is also where food is served for children wishing to eat in the children’s clubs.

Animator's Studio is where children can create their own original hand-drawn artwork or learn how to sketch their favourite Disney characters. Aided by the youth counsellors, kids can even design and bring to life computer-animated characters.

Craft Studio offering arts and crafts projects.

Navigation Game Station, the areas pirate chest themed computer station where children can play a Pirates of the Caribbean multiplayer game as well as Navigator Simulators where young buccaneers can negotiate a ship through the mysterious waters of the Caribbean.

Activities at Disney's Oceaneer Lab include “Anyone Can Cook-Cookies” (based on the Ratatouille film) where children learn how to make their own cookies and eat their creations at the end and “Super Sloppy Science with Professor Make-O-Mess” where kids can enjoy some educational fun as the professor offers entertaining hands-on training.

Kids 8 to 12 years of age can check themselves out of Disney's Oceaneer Lab and Disney's Oceaneer Club—at their parents' discretion.
Edge (Kids Area)
Edge (Kids Area)
Edge is Disney Magic’s activity centre aimed at children aged 11 to 14 and can be found on deck 2, midship. Open from approximately 9.00am to midnight daily, the interactive play space (designed to replicate the ship's bridge) offers video game consoles with the latest games, flat-screen televisions, child-friendly computers, arts and crafts, other activities and comfortable seating areas for children to relax in.

Activities range from karaoke, scavenger hunts and special themed nights to Pizza Perfection (answer questions to win toppings to create the perfect pizza which is then cooked and shared with everyone) and a Pirate’s Life for Me where guests answer questions and take part in challengers to win the infamous pearl.
Vibe (Teen Club)
Vibe (Teen Club)
Vibe is a teens-exclusive hangout located on deck 11, Midship designed for teens ages 14 to 17 to make new friends, play videogames, watch television, and enjoy a variety of activities throughout the day.

Resembling a relaxed recreation room in a college dorm/loft apartment, Vibe offers an eclectic selection of comfy couches, mismatched chairs, beanbags and futons for teens to sit on along with a dance floor, mirrored wall, flat-screen televisions, videogames, board games, DVD players and a bar with stools serving non-alcoholic beverages including fruit smoothies and more for an additional fee (soda is complimentary).

Vibe still has counsellors to interact with the teens and host a range of activities from dance parties to karaoke.

Onboard Youth Activity spaces are reserved exclusively for guests 3-17 years of age. Guests 18 years of age and older are invited to participate in adult-only activities and spaces.
D Lounge
D Lounge
The D Lounge is a spacious family lounge and nightclub open at various times daily and is the ideal place for families to sing, dance, play games and enjoy live entertainment together.

It is designed for families and is located on deck 4, midship.

Examples of activities at D Lounge include:
Pirate's Life for Me (a gameshow hosted by two of the ships resident pirates).
Who Wants To Be a Mouseketeer? (guests' Disney knowledge is tested in this fun show).
Family Karaoke
Family Line Dancing (Learn everything from the Electric Slide and Achy-Breaky to all the classic moves).
Mickey Mania Game Show (Guests Disney knowledge is tested).

The D Lounge offers a full bar serving a selection of wines and mixed cocktails in addition to non-alcoholic beverages, including sparkling sodas and fruit smoothies, for an additional fee.
Andy's Room
Andy's Room
Those familiar with the popular Toy Story films will immediately recognise this room, based around Andy’s bedroom. Decorated in vibrant colours with oversized toys and furniture, Children will feel toy-sized as if they were in the movie and can do everything from putting coins into the oversized Hamm (the piggy bank) or construct Mr. Potato Head to sliding down from the top to the bottom of Andy’s bed via the Slinky Dog slide.
It's a Small World Nursery
It's a Small World Nursery
It’s a Small World Nursery, located aft of deck 5, is for children ages 3 months to 3 years decorated in a theme inspired by the classic Disney Park attraction and made up of 3 areas:

An acclimation zone to enable youngster to get used to the nursery.
Main play area with soft surface floor, child sized tables and chairs for children to enjoy arts and crafts activities, books and games and a 3-dimensional façade of the "it's a small world" attraction filled with hidden, interactive activities.

A separate room for naps that is quiet and peaceful.

With activities ranging from movie time, story time and craft projects, places at the nursery must be reserved in advance either on line via My Cruise Activities or during open house on Embarkation Day and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Charges apply for the nursery at $6.00 per hour for first child and $5.00 per hour for second child in the same family and cancellations can be made without charge up to 4 hours in advance of reservation.

Baby food, formula, milk and bottles, nappies, wipes, extra clothing and dummies/pacifiers need to be supplied where applicable by families as they are not provided in the nursery.

Children ages 3 months to 3 years with special needs are welcome at It's a Small World Nursery and whilst one-on-one care is not possible if parents let the counsellors know in advance they will try and accommodate for their needs.
Quarter Masters
Quarter Masters
Quarter Masters is Magic’s arcade located on deck 9, midship next to the Quiet Cove Pool.
Open from approximately 8.00am to midnight daily, Quarter Masters features the latest videogame hits and air hockey.

The arcade features a cashless system and guests need to purchase a play card filled with game credits using their Key to the World card at a kiosk located inside the arcade or Guest Services on Deck 3. Once purchased, simply enter the card into a videogame to access credits and play the game.

Play cards are rechargeable and can be purchased in different denominations of $10, $15 or $20.
Twist n' Spout Slide
Twist n' Spout Slide
Twist n’ Spout is AquaLab’s yellow double-looping waterslide with more than 250 feet of sliding loops and turns. Replacing the Mickey Slide during the ship's October 2013 refit, children using the slide must be a minimum height of 38 inches and a maximum height of 64 inches. The slide is also unmanned and guests have to wait for the green light to show before going down the slide.

Height restrictions have been known to be lifted on the slide allowing both children and adults to enjoy the experience although this may alter on future cruises.
Nephews’ Splash Zone
Nephews’ Splash Zone
Nephews’ Splash Zone is a play area dedicated to infants and toddlers 3 years of age and under. The 500 square foot interactive wet play area includes 3 squirting mini-boilers designed to look like Donald Duck's nephews, geysers and pop jets and rotating wheels and levers.

Created with children's comfort, safety and convenience in mind the area includes a soft wet deck surface and shade for protection from the sun.
Babies on Board
Babies on Board
Guests can request a few complimentary items from their stateroom host or hostess that will make their time in staterooms with babies much easier. Disney Cruise Line has nappy/diaper disposal units and bottle sterilisers available the duration of a cruise.

Additionally, there is a limited supply of complimentary strollers available for guest use at Guest Services on a first come, first served basis.
Babies Travel Lite
Babies Travel Lite
To save families space when packing for babies and infants, Babies Travel Lite is a service which provides baby products delivered right to guests from nappies/ diapers, wipes, formula and bottles to food, bathing supplies and countless other items.

To utilise this service, guests need to pre-order all baby items required from Babies Travel Lite who then delivers everything directly to staterooms.
Examples of charges are as below:
7 Day Diaper Bundle $74.99
Meal Time Baby Bundle $21.99

Additionally a $5 minimum fee on top of the cost of supplies and shipping is applicable.

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