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Edge (Kids Club)
Edge (Kids Club)
Edge is a loft-style lounge exclusive to tweens/children 11 to 14 years of age, located on deck 13 by the forward Funnel on the Disney Dream.

Edge features a vast array of hi-tech fun, including an illuminated dance floor for music lovers and notebook computers for game playing and accessing a unique onboard social media application.

The lounge also features a state-of-the-art video wall that stretches more than 18 feet long and nearly 5 feet tall. Consisting of 18 individual LCD screens, the video wall acts as a giant screen—its separate screens can also be divided in any combination to accommodate different-sized video feeds.

Examples of activities at Edge include:
That's Hilarious where teens learn the basics of Improv comedy.
Ghost Voyagers-Equipped with state-of-the-art ghost-hunting gear, "Ghost Voyagers" are lead on a ghost hunt throughout the ship.
Animation Antics.
Gaga Ball.
Nemo's Reef (Kids Pool, Kids Area)
Nemo's Reef (Kids Pool, Kids Area)
Nemo's Reef on Disney Dream is a whimsical water play area designed for children. Located on deck 11 midship adjacent to Mickey's Pool, the splash area features fountains, bubblers and pop jets.

Designed for children 8 years of age and younger to splash around, cool off and make new friends with other kids their own age, Nemo’s Reef is the only area accessible by children who are not yet toilet trained and where swimming nappies/diapers are permitted (due to US health regulations swim nappies are not permitted in any of the other pools or hot tubs on board the ship).

Based on the popular Finding Nemo film, the 1,500-square-foot venue features character s from the film that move and spray water in a variety of unique ways. In addition to Nemo, Dory and Marlin, the area includes a mini-sized water slide shaped like Mr. Ray, a water curtain that moves back and forth mimicking the East Australian Current and Pearl the octopus who "inks" herself with a mist of water.

Nemo's Reef is surrounded by a glass enclosure, with a main Guest entrance and a wheelchair-accessible entrance. The area is also shaded for protection from the sun and features a soft wet deck surface for safety and comfort.
Mickey's Pool (Kids Pool)
Mickey's Pool (Kids Pool)
Mickey's Pool, one of 3 freshwater pools on the Disney Dream, is a Children's pool shaped like Mickey Mouse located midship of deck 11. Designed for young kids, the pool features Mickey Mouse's face at the pool bottom and has a maximum depth of 2 feet.

In addition to the pool, those who meet appropriate age and height restrictions can use the pool's adjacent slide.

Mickey's Pool and the nearby family-friendly Donald's Pool are both located in the same area between the forward and aft funnel providing an ideal pool area for parents with children of varying ages who wish to explore both pools.

Crew Members host games and activities by Mickey's Pool at various times daily as listed in guests Personal Navigator daily newsletters.

Perfectly located by the pools is Flo's Café comprising of several food stations: Tow-Mater's Grill, Luigi's Pizza and Fillmore's Favourites. In addition, there is an ice cream station called Eye Scream Treats and a for fee smoothie bar called Frozone Treats. These handily located eateries mean guests can grab a quick bite to eat whilst enjoying the pool areas saving them from having to get changed to visit one of the main dining areas on board.
Donald's Pool (Kids Pool)
Donald's Pool (Kids Pool)
Donald's is a family pool located on deck 11.
Youth Activities Open House (Kids Area, Teen Area)
Youth Activities Open House (Kids Area, Teen Area)
Open house provides the opportunity for everyone to participate in a variety of activities and free time in the Oceaneer Club, Lab, Edge and Vibe no matter what their age. During open house secured programming is still offered in the other venues for those wanting to check their children into care.
Arr-cade (Kids Area, Teen Area)
Arr-cade (Kids Area, Teen Area)
Arr-cade on the Disney Dream is an action-packed Video Arcade located aft of deck 11. Adjacent to Cabanas, the arcade offers a variety of the latest interactive video games, plus several thrilling classics, such as pinball and air hockey. Guests of all ages are invited to compete against each other and partake in some high-tech video fun.

Arr-cade uses a cashless system, where guests purchase a play card filled with game credits using their Key to the World card at a kiosk located inside the arcade or at Guest Services on Deck 3, midship. Once purchased, the card is simply entered into a videogame to access credits and begin playing. Play cards are rechargeable and can be purchased in different denominations of $10, $15 or $20 value.
Oceaneer Club (Kids Area)
Oceaneer Club (Kids Area)
Disney's Oceaneer Club located midship of deck 5 is a children's activity centre for children 3 to 12 years of age.

The central rotunda features a 103" plasma screen for watching movies and for magical interactions with Crush, the animated sea turtle from Disney Pixar’s Finding Nemo, who speaks like a surfer dude. The turtle personally chats with children during his real-time animated appearances, asking them about themselves and the human world they inhabit. The rotunda also includes an interactive magic play floor where activities such as storytelling come alive as the floor allows children to fly over the streets of London with Peter Pan or ride the waves with Crush. Children’s movements on the floor control all the actions bringing stories and games to a new dimension.

Leading off the central area of Disney's Oceaneer Club are 4 themed play areas:

Andy's Room, bringing the world of Toy Story to life, enables kids to play with larger-than-life characters from the film including Rex the dinosaur, Hamm the piggy bank and Mr. Potato Head. The room also features a huge Slinky Dog structure for kids to climb through and a large remote controlled car to sit in.

Monsters Academy, based on the animated film Monsters Inc. incorporates a central elaborately themed play structure, where kids can immerse themselves in the world of Monstropolis along with computers with unique interactive games. An assortment of clothes and props can also be found allowing children to dress up as characters from the film.

Pixie Hollow - Inspired by the series of Tinker Bell movies - transports children to the magical world inhabited by fairies with a pixie dust tree in the corner of the room glittering with fairy lights and fun acorn and mushroom stools to sit on. The area is designed for dress-up play, individual craft projects and storytelling sessions.

Explorer Pod - Children can explore the bright blue and yellow Nemo Sub surrounded by a seascape with virtual environments for children to discover and 16 interactive computers stations on board the submarine for fun-filled individual or group games.

Mats for naps are also available in the Oceaneer Club for the younger guests, whilst children who wish to can enjoy lunch and dinner at the club too (those not wishing to dine can still enjoy activities during meal times).

Registering children for the Oceaneer Club can be done either at the terminal or once onboard the ship. Once onboard, both children and parents must check in at the front desk at the club for the confirmation process where parents fill out final paperwork and children receive a wristband indicating that they are part of Disney's Oceaneer Club. At this point parents can also tour the facility and meet the counsellors.

Children ages 3-12 with special needs are welcome at Disney's Oceaneer Club and whilst one on one care is not available if counsellors are notified in advance they will accommodate the best they can.

A host of activities take place within the club and while some activities are recommended for certain age ranges, participation is based on a child's interest level and maturity, not age, enabling siblings and friends ages 3-12 to play together without restriction.

Examples of activities include:
Disney's Once Upon a Time interactive story time where characters come to life.
Puzzle Playtime with Mickey and Friends
Tinker Bell's Talent Show
Big Top Fun Fest
Cruisin’ With Crush

Parents should note that Disney's Oceaneer Club and Disney's Oceaneer Lab are connected and children have the ability to move between the spaces with Youth activity counsellors directing children to different activities.
Oceaneer Lab (Kids Area)
Oceaneer Lab (Kids Area)
Disney's Oceaneer Lab is a play space dedicated to adventure and exploration, located on deck 5, midship aboard the Disney Dream for children ages 3 to 12 years of age to play games, perform educational experiments and enjoy a wide variety of supervised activities throughout the day.

The Lab's main hall features a stage, where kids can hear stories of great expeditions and star in their own swashbuckling plays. They can also watch Disney movies on a 103-inch plasma screen and interact with animated characters, including Disney's mischievous animated alien Stitch.

Connected to Disney's Oceaneer Club by a workshop and laboratory, the specialized area enables kids to concoct crazy experiments in an interactive science lab, stretch their culinary skills and participate in other hands-on activities.

Branching off the Lab's main room are several themed play spaces:
Media Room - children can relax in bean bag chairs and watch movies, play video games or read a book.

Animator's Studio - designed as a working animation studio, children can create original, hand-drawn art, learn how to sketch their favourite Disney characters and bring to life computer-animated characters with the help of counsellors.

The Wheelhouse - this space features numerous computers and large, high-definition LCD screen allowing children to compete in a unique Pirates of the Caribbean game exclusive to DCL.

Sound Studio – children can make and record their own music or listen to the latest top hits and current recording artists.

Craft Studio - children can escape from technology to the creative studio for hands-on arts and crafts projects.

Examples of activities taking place in the Lab include:
Monsters, Inc Open "Mike" Night where kids put on a comedy show for parents to enjoy.
Get the Hook! Find Captain Hook’s missing hook and catch the culprit where clues take kids all over the ship on a 3-day search to solve the mystery.
Super Sloppy Science with Professor Make-O-Mess.
Animatino Antics.
Stitch’s Adventure Squad.
Vibe (Teen Club)
Vibe (Teen Club)
Vibe, forward of deck 5, is the ideal place for teens ages 14 to 17 to hang out, kick back and make new friends with both indoor and outdoor areas.

Designed to combine the feel of an urban coffee shop mixed with a stylish nightclub, the venue features a coffee bar, a DJ/dance area complete with video wall and a media room for video gaming and movie watching along with an outdoor sun deck with two hot tubs, splash pool, giant checkerboard which randomly squirts water, table football and table tennis.

Teens enter Vibe via a colour changing hallway which leads into the first area with a bar selling non-alcoholic drinks and smoothies (charges apply although soda is complimentary), large semi-circular seating area situated around a large screen where teens can partake in Xbox Kinect Games and individual port hole gaming pods for teens to sit in on their own to play games or listen to their music.

Leading off this area is a further room for computer games, internet access (charges apply) and which includes a DJ booth where teens can learn how to spin tunes. A further separate room houses a small cinema.

Activities at Vibe include the likes of:
Zombified where teens get to star as Zombies in a film production.
Ghost Voyagers.
Super Sloppy Science.
Magic Shows.

To insure that only teens enjoy Vibe, they must present a special coded Key to the World card to access the lounge.
Chill Spa (Teen Area)
Chill Spa (Teen Area)
Chill Spa is a separate spa for teens located inside Senses Spa & Salon. Offering a wide variety of spa services and treatments, including facials, massages, and manicures, it's the perfect place for teens to relax and rejuvenate while onboard.

The Spa offers:
Dedicated treatment rooms
A separate seating area exclusive to teen guests
Relaxing décor, including a soothing palate of green, brown and blue hues accented with a tropical flower motif and rich wood finishes

Examples of treatments include:
Acne Attack Facial – oxygen and deep cleansing to help battle blemishes
Heavenly Massage – a relaxing, muscle-melting back massage
Hot Chocolate Wrap – a massage and a delicious, soothing body wrap with antioxidants
Surfer's Scrub – an invigorating exfoliating treatment with fresh lime, lemon and ginger
Ice Cream Manicure and Pedicure – yummy ingredients give hands and feet a sweet treat
D Lounge
D Lounge
D Lounge is a spacious family nightclub that's located on deck 4, midship on the Disney Dream. The lounge's casual atmosphere and comfortable seating make it a perfect gathering place for the whole family to take part in games, entertainment or activities designed to engage all family members.

D Lounge transforms into a family lounge at night, offering dance parties and contests that everyone can enjoy from Family Superstar Karaoke and Bingo to Family Fusion (an interactive Disney knowledge game show) and Mirror Mirror featuring the Magic Mirror and Dopey.
Midship Detective Agency
Midship Detective Agency
Self registration Detective Agency kiosks are located midship of deck 5, where guests can collect a Detective Badge (card) and map of the ship and select a mystery to solve using the 22 pieces of enchanted artwork located throughout the ship, mainly in the foyer areas. The unique codes to the cards unlock the animated artwork and loads up a piece of the mystery where guests use the cards to perform tasks on the artwork screen (similar to using a mouse). The unique code on the cards ensures that different outcomes occur so people who have solved their mystery can’t give away the answer to someone else. The activity takes around 90 minutes to complete with 9 out of the 13 locations needing to be visited to solve the mystery.
It's a Small World
It's a Small World
It's a Small World Nursery, located on deck 5, midship on the Disney Dream, is a nursery for children ages 3 months to 3 years with décor inspired by the classic Disneyland attraction and available at an additional charge.

Open throughout the day, children are safely cared for by trained Disney counsellors with the nursery providing a colourful and soothing environment that infants and toddlers are likely to enjoy. The décor is a stylised patchwork of colourful shapes associated with the "It's a small world" attraction that Disney Legend animator Mary Blair designed.

The facility consists of 3 distinct areas:
An acclimation zone, designed to help youngsters adjust to the nursery.
A main play area, with a 3-dimensional façade of the small world attraction filled with interactive features and hidden delights.
A quiet and peaceful separate room for naps.

The main play area also includes a river pattern along the soft surface floor and is surrounded by kid-sized tables and chairs for toddlers to enjoy crafts, books and games.

Activities are unscheduled and vary depending on the mood the children but includes the likes of movie time, story time and craft projects.

Reservations for It's a Small World Nursery are necessary and can be made online up to:
120 days in advance for Concierge and Platinum Castaway Club Guests
105 days in advance for Gold Castaway Club Guests
90 days in advance for Silver Castaway Club Guests
75 days in advance for all other Guests

Guests can also make a reservation during the open house on Embarkation Day on a first-come, first-served basis although they should be aware that space is extremely limited so are advised to book early.

Prices for It's A Small World Nursery are:
$6.00 per hour for first child
$5.00 per hour for second child in the same family

Cancellations may be made without penalty up to 4 hours in advance of reservation.

Families are required to supply baby food, formula, milk and bottles for the Disney's trained counsellors to feed their little ones. Additionally parents need to provide nappies/diapers or pull-ups, wipes, extra clothing, baby blanket or dummy/pacifier, if applicable, when dropping off their child.

Children ages 3 months to 3 years with special needs are welcome at It's a Small World Nursery. Whilst one on one care cannot be provided if families notify counsellors in advance they will accommodate their needs as best as they can.

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