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Dining Options Onboard The Disney Dream

Bar & Lounge Options Onboard The Disney Dream

Cove Cafe (Coffee Bar)
Cove Cafe (Coffee Bar)
Cove Café is an adult-only lounge located forward of deck 11 next to Quiet Cove Pool, open early for coffee and the ideal refuge from the onboard bustle of the family areas.

With both indoor and outdoor seating the
cool air-conditioned café provides a
selection of magazines and books, a large flat-screen television broadcasting the latest national news and Wi-Fi enabled café laptops (available at an additional charge) to surf the Internet and check emails while at sea.

Cove Café's furnishings and artwork are inspired by the glamorous Art Deco era of jet-setters and cruisers of the 1920s and 1930s when travelling in luxury and style was a given.

Cove Café serves the following beverages and snacks (subject to change):

Speciality Coffees
Espresso ($2.25/$3.25)
Cappuccino ($2.25/$3.25)
Café Latte ($2.25/$3.25)
Café Mocha ($2.25/$3.25)
Macchiato ($2.25/$3.10)

Speciality Teas ($4.25 per teapot)
Masala Black Chai
Imperial English Breakfast
Thunderbolt Darjeeling
Russian Earl Grey
Floral Jasmine
Exotic Iced Tea

Champagne & Sparkling Wines ($5.25 to $14.50)
Fortified and Dessert Wines
After-Dessert Martinis

Espresso Martinis ($8.50)
Toblerontini ($8.50)
Chocolatini ($8.50)

Danish Pastries

Guests who purchase a speciality coffee mug, available in Cove Café and other shops onboard, are entitled to a complimentary coffee in Cove Café. Snacks are complimentary and for regular visitors a coffee card can be picked up with the 6th coffee being complimentary.
Vista Cafe (Coffee Bar)
Vista Cafe (Coffee Bar)
Vista Café on the Disney Dream is a café and bar located on deck 4 midship serving beverages and snacks throughout the day. It's a great spot for guests to enjoy coffee and a pastry in the morning or pre/post dinner or live show cocktail at night.

Bedecked in Art Deco style, Vista Café is also a state-of-the-art hotspot offering convenient wireless connectivity for surfing the Internet while out at sea. Additionally, a photo kiosk is located on the premises for guests looking to view pictures available at Shutters, the one-stop photo shop and professional photography studio located onboard the Disney Dream at deck 4, Midship.

Examples of some of the drinks available from Vista Cafe along with prices are as follows:

Mint Mocha Latte $6.50
Frappe $3.95
Espresso $2.25/$3.25
Cappuccino $2.25/$3.25
Cafe Late $2.25/$3.25
Cafe Mocha $2.25/$3.25
Chai Latte $2.95/$3.95
Cognac $7.25 to $42.00
Scotch $5.75 to $35.00
Single Malt $5.75 to $8.75
Martini’s $8.50 to $9.50
Sparkling Wines & Champagne $5.75 to $14.50
White Wine $6.50 to $8.25
Red Wine $7.25 to $11.75
All speciality teas $4.25

Snacks in the Vista Cafe are complimentary and include a selection of pastries.
Pink (Champagne Bar)
Pink (Champagne Bar)
Pink is a chic cocktail bar located aft of Deck 4 in The District area. Taking inspiration from France's finest Champagne, the venue makes guests feel as though they are immersed in a bottle of pink effervescence.

With an Art Nouveau style characterised by flowing curved shapes, Pink's décor features back-lit glass "bubbles" inset into the walls creating the illusion of cascading Champagne. A luminous accent wall behind the bar is bedecked with glass dewdrops in dazzling shades of pink, giving the illusion of countless bottles bursting forth with Champagne. Sculpted-glass light fixtures emulate Champagne flutes whilst bar stools are designed to resemble sparkling crystal and detailing along the front of the bar is reminiscent of the wire cage surrounding a Champagne bottle top.

Events taking place in Pink include Chocolate and Liquor Tasting Classes (charges apply).
Bon Voyage (Cocktail Bar)
Bon Voyage (Cocktail Bar)
Bon Voyage is a bar located midship of deck 3 in the grand Atrium making it the perfect place for guests to enjoy a refreshing beverage before dinner or meet up with family and friends.

The sophisticated Art Deco retreat has a full bar serving a large selection of beer, wine and mixed cocktails to Guests 21 years of age or older for an additional fee.
Skyline Bar (Cocktail Bar)
Skyline Bar (Cocktail Bar)
Skyline is another cocktail bar located in The District area aft of deck 4. The ever-changing venue celebrates some of the world's most famous cities. Tall "windows" line a wall that offer guests a commanding view of some of the world's most beautiful city skylines as if from a vantage atop a high rise.

The chic setting complete with digital fireplace, warm wood and lustrous metal finishes provides a striking backdrop to the 7 LCD big screens — Skyline's "windows to the world" that not only portray a different city each day, but magically transform from day to night as each day progresses with music designed to represent the city depicted.

Every evening, Skyline's signature cocktails are inspired by the showcased city's view for guests to enjoy as they are
"transported" to the heart of the world's most fascinating cities with virtual breathtaking viewpoints.

Events such as Mixology tasting classes are held in Skyline during the day (charges apply).
Frozone Treats (Pool Bar)
Frozone Treats (Pool Bar)
Frozone Treats serves fruit smoothies and is situated by Donald's Pool on deck 11. It is named after the ice-creating superhero in the Disney Pixar movie The Incredibles.

Charges apply of $3.95 or $5.25 (small or large) with examples of flavours as follows:

Berrilicious Mirage: Raspberry yogurt blended with raspberries, blueberries and blackberries
Gazerbeam: Fresh pineapple & mango, vanilla yogurt, lychee, ginger and fresh lemon grass
Synergizer: Coconut Milk, lychee syrup, fresh mango, lychee and fresh lemon grass
Peachy Dash: Peach flavoured yogurt, vanilla soy milk, fresh peach & blueberries
Mode Chai: Vanilla soy milk & yogurt, mango, lychee, fresh ginger and essence of chai
Jack favourites: Raspberry, Banana, Passion Fruit
Waves (Pool Bar)
Waves (Pool Bar)
Waves on the Disney Dream is a casual alfresco bar located aft of Deck 12 offering a breezy, scenic vantage point where Guests can unwind with a refreshingly cold drink.

Waves décor includes an elongated bar featuring warm wood tones mixed with a cool nautical touch and cleverly designed banquet booths that provide an ideal atmosphere for Guests to sit back and enjoy each other's company.
687 Lounge
687 Lounge
687 is a contemporary sports lounge located in The District area aft of deck 4 on the Disney Dream. During the day 687 provides family games and activities. After 9.00pm however, the venue transforms into a refuge for adults seeking more grown-up activities and games to enjoy over a beer, wine or mixed drinks, such as trivia quizzes.

Decorated with warm wood finishes, a stamped metal ceiling and leather upholstery, 687 is the ideal place to unwind at the end of the day either on a stool at the long curved bar or one of the comfy big leather chairs.

Equipped with multiple flat-screen televisions and a huge plasma screen with digital surround sound, 687 airs a number of live sports and major broadcast events via satellite whilst the classic gaming tables and board games are ideal for friends and families wishing to challenge each other to some friendly competition.

687 also features 2 banquette seating areas equipped with their own LCD screens that make cosy niches for intimate groups of 4 or 5.
The District Lounge
The District Lounge
District Lounge is an entertainment venue located aft of Deck 4 in The District area on the Disney Dream. The bar offers comfortable contoured seating that creates a great meeting space for adults as well as the perfect place to start the night's entertainment before moving on to explore the other venues in The District.

A special feature of the District Lounge is its "halo" lighting overhead that provides a warm ambiance and its ceiling dome that transmits a soft glow and sets the mood, changing in hue and intensity as day changes to night.

The lounge features live piano music and guest vocalists nightly for guests' entertainment.
Outlook, located at the top of the ship on deck 14, is a small lounge area with windows overlooking the ship, small bar and grand piano. When not being used for private functions, such as wedding receptions, it is open to all guests and is a quiet place for a quick drink or to catch up with a book.

The lounge can be accessed via the middle elevator starboard side of the midship elevators or from deck 12 using the staircase which leads up to the teen Edge Club on deck 13 and follow on up to deck 14.
Cove Bar
Cove Bar
The Cove Bar is an adult only bar located on deck 11.
Currents Bar
Currents Bar
Currents on the Disney Dream is an outdoor bar located forward of Deck 13 with a commanding view and sunny spot where guests can order a cool drink to enjoy either at the bar or back at their deck chairs nearby.

The bar serves a wide assortment of refreshments for guests to choose from.
Meridian Bar
Meridian Bar
Meridian, located between Palo and Remy, is an adults-only lounge inspired by the early days of sea travel where guests can enjoy a pre-dinner or post-dinner cocktail with an indoor ocean view setting or on the breezy outdoor deck. The décor incorporates navigational tools, maps on the walls and a constellation map illuminated by fibre optics across the ceiling. Meridian's outdoor deck also provides an ideal spot to watch the sunset or to relax with a cigar selected from a fine assortment available at the bar.

Whiskey Tasting Seminars occasionally take place in Meridian, charges apply and details are listed in guests' daily Personal Navigator.

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