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Overview Of The Port Of Yantai

About Yantai
Yantai is a city in north-eastern Shandong province, in the People's Republic of China.

A popular attraction here is the beautiful seaside promenade where visitors enjoy strolling and relaxing next to the sea.

Yantai's Golden Beach Park boats modern park facilities, a long beautiful sandy beach and forests. Beach-goers will also find swimming, sightseeing, entertainment, and delicious foods.

Mushi Demesne was built during the Qing Dynasty and is an important historical cultural treasure. It is a vast complex covering 20,000 square metres with almost 500 rooms.

In Nanshan park there is a zoo, a mountain to climb, a small lake with paddle boats for hire and an amusement park.

The Nanshan Scenic Spot Zone is located in Longkou City, about 90km away from Yantai. It is Asia’s biggest recreation centre and contains the biggest figure of the Buddha in the world. The main scenic spots include Jimu Island, the General Stone, Hu Dahai Square, Sang Island, Yi Island, the Home Village of XuFu, the Former Residence of the Ding Family and Karts Cave of Small Laishan Hill.

Other local attractions include the Changyu Wine Culture Museum, which traces the history of the winery from 18th century up to 21st century, Yangma Island, Mu Family Manor which features traditional Chinese architecture of mid-late Qing Dynasty style and Mount Kunyu, the birth place of Taoism in Yantai city.

The Three Stations market offers a wide range of gift items such as calligraphy sets, silk paintings, sculptures and statues.

Favourite local dishes include 'chazi-huoshi' (a kind of pancake with sesame), 'tiemian-guobing' (a kind of baked cake), stir fried sea-cucumber with scallions and fried razor clam. Fish dumplings, penglai noodles and pansi cake are popular snacks.
Cruise Terminal
Cruise ships dock at the Yantai port.

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Cruise Ships Docking In The Port Of Yantai

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