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Overview Of The Port Of Varna

About Varna
Varna is a city and seaside resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, Bulgaria in the south eastern Europe.

Sightseeing opportunities include such museums as the Archaeological, Naval and Aquarium and Black Sea museums as well as the Roman Baths, Aladja Monastery (around an hour away) and the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary, a 25 minute taxi ride from the dock area.

A good place to start a city walking tour is Nezavisimost Square, from there you can walk to the Roman fortress wall, Round Tower and Opera House.

There is a large shopping, leisure and restaurant complex near the Hotel Odessos, head past the Sea Gardens and Gossip and Atmosphere Beaches. Look for good bargains on local pottery in rich shades of red and deep blue, as well as paintings by local artists. Note: credit cards are rarely accepted here so ensure you have plenty of local currency.

Local dishes include 'Shopska salad', 'banitsa' (baked egg, cheese and filo pastry dish) and 'meshana skara' (mixed grill).
Cruise Terminal
The Varna cruise terminal is very close to the beaches and walkways of Varna's Sea Garden Park, which stretches several miles along the waterfront. The terminal itself has a couple of souvenir shops and a cafe, taxis are available outside the terminal.

Cruise Regions

Cruise Ships Docking In The Port Of Varna

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