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Overview Of The Port Of Vardo

About Vardo
Vardø is a municipality in Finnmark county in the extreme north-eastern part of Norway. Vardø is Norway’s easternmost town, lying only 40 miles from the Russian border.

The city boasts Norway’s first underwater tunnel, connecting Vardø with the mainland.

Vardø offers birdwatchers the opportunity to spot numerous seabird species in the area.

Vardø has two museums, the remains of several German WWII camps and Vardohus Festning, an 18th-century fortress with ties dating back to the late 13th century.

Hamningberg is an abandoned fishing village which lies along the northern coast of the large Varanger Peninsula on the shores of the Barents Sea. Hamningberg Chapel is located in the village, although is rarely used now. It is one of the few places in Finnmark county that was not burned down by the retreating Germans in the latter part of the Second World War and it was abandoned in 1964.

Vardø lighthouse is located on Hornøya island, Norway’s easternmost point. Visitors can spend the night in the lighthouse keeper’s house, which has breathtaking views.

The biggest witch hunt in Norway happened in Vardø in the 17th century. In Norwegian Lapland, about 90 people were found guilty and sentenced to be burned at the stake, mostly in Vardø. The fires were lit at Steilneset, where the cultural trail now leads. More information can be found at the Vardø section of the Varanger Museum.

Not all the town’s wooden buildings were lost during the Second World War, charming examples of very traditional wooden houses, wharfs and quays can be seen in the town’s architecture.

Vardø has a rich collection of memorials to its Polar history, research and fisheries. These include the statue of Fridtjof Nansen to mark his expedition to the North Pole and the memorial plaque to Maximilian Hell’s visit to Vardø. There are also several statues symbolising the importance of the sea and fishing for the local community.

Sample local dishes made with reindeer, grouse, salmon or king crab.
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The cruise port is within walking distance to the centre of town.
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