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Overview Of The Port Of Valparaiso

About Valparaiso
Valparaíso is the capital of the Valparaíso Province and the Valparaíso Region in Chile, South America.

Valparaiso is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and features colourful houses and colonial style architecture.

The Muelle Prat Wharf can be found at the foot of the Plaza Sotomayor, one of the main squares of Valparaiso. Here you can find a handicrafts market. Boat trips around the harbour can also be taken from here.

There are many funiculars, known as 'ascensores' throughout Valparaiso. Some date back to 1883 and afford some amazing views.

La Sebastiana is the late Nobel prize winning poet Pablo Neruda's home, which is now a museum.

Baburizza Palace is an Art Nouveau building, built in 1916 for the Zanelli Family but now operates as the Fine Arts Museum of Valparaiso.

Learn about Chilean Naval and Maritime historical heritage at the Naval and Maritime Museum. The museum's location enjoys spectacular views of the bay and harbour.

The local tourist office has maps with walking tours.

Santiago, the capital of Chile, is around 90 minutes drive away. Many visitors head here from this port. Local buses head to Santiago every 20 minutes from Valparaiso.

The central part of Santiago is walkable but to see a variety of neighbourhoods, the Metro subway system is clean and safe. Taxis are plentiful and available at hotels, hailed on the street or called by phone. Taxis do have meters, but it's best to agree a price before setting off. Car Hire is also located in town.

Though generally safe, Santiago, like most big cities, has areas where thefts occur. Be careful when visiting the Plaza de Armas and Bellavista areas, and avoid walking around these neighbourhoods at night.

Plaza de Armas square is in the historic heart of the city, lined with Spanish Colonial-style buildings, including the City Hall, Natural History Museum and the Metropolitan Cathedral.

One block southwest of the Plaza de Armas on Bandera is the Museum of Pre-Columbian Art, Santiago's most outstanding museum. There are some 3,000 items on display. (Closed Mondays).

Constitution Square is the city's most formal square and is home to statues of heroes and the Palacio de la Moneda, the presidential palace.

Cerro Santa Lucia is a triangle-shaped hilltop featuring gardens, squares and terraces where visitors can stroll and enjoy panoramic views.

Bellas Artes is a small artistic neighbourhood near the foot of Santa Lucia hill and is home to pleasant bars, cafes and art galleries, an 18th century church and several museums. The grand National Fine Arts (Bellas Artes) Museum, built in 1905, is two museums in one, showing Chilean and international painters, and incorporating the Museum of Contemporary Art. The Museum of Visuales Arts showcases the work of some 300 local artists as well as encompassing the Anthropology Museum displaying ceramics, textiles and other artefacts by the native peoples of Chile.

Take the funicular railway or a gondola to the summit of San Cristobal Hill in Santiago's Metropolitan Park for a fabulous view of the city and its mountains. At the top there is a statue of the Virgen de la Immaculada, botanical garden and city zoo.

Vina del Mar is an upscale seaside resort just down the coast from Valparaiso is known for its palm tree-lined boulevards, fine hotels, beaches and the country's oldest casino. Sights here include the famous floral clock and the Fonck Museum.

The Maipo River Valley, about an hour from Santiago, is home to 17 wineries known for their fine reds. Many companies offer day tours from Santiago.

Pomaire village is famous for it's earthenware pottery and is located around 43 miles from Santiago.

Lapis lazuli, a brilliant blue semi-precious stone, is found in abundance here and lapis jewellery is a popular gift item. Alpaca woollen sweaters are another local item, along with wooden crafts made by the native Mapuche Indians.

Many traditional dishes come with rice and feature clams, mussels, sea urchins and Chilean seabass. Meat dishes tend to be Spanish-based with local modifications. 'Empanadas' (cheese, meat, or seafood turnovers) are common. Popular dishes include 'pastel de Choclo' (beef and chicken pie topped with a sweetcorn mixture), 'porotos' (semi-ripe beans cooked with green beans) and 'cazuela' (Chilean chicken or beef stew).
Cruise Terminal
Cruise ships dock at Valparaiso port. Passengers are usually transport via free shuttle buses to the cruise terminal at Muelle Prat, where it's a short walk into Valparaiso.

Taxis are also available.
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Cruise Ships Docking In The Port Of Valparaiso

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