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Overview Of The Port Of Toliara

About Toliara
Toliara (also known as Tulear/Toliary) is the capital city of the Atsimo-Andrefana region in Madagascar, in the Indian Ocean.

In the centre of Toliara you will find the food market, shell market and the Rabesandratana Oceanographic museum.

Tulear is home to an incredible mix of tribes - the Antandroy, Veso, Masikoro and Mahafaly, and their ornamental tombs. For a fascinating insight into the lives of these people, visit the cultural museum run by the University of Tulear.

The Antsokay Arboretum, 12km away, is a botanical garden with a collection of over 900 plant species from the southwest of Madagascar. The gardens also has many animals such as chameleons, boas and mouse lemurs.

Ifaty is located around 25km away. Visitors head here for the beach, it is also a good diving spot. Watersports on offer include windsurfing, yachting and scuba diving. The area also features the spiny forest, with cactus like shrubs and trees specific to the region. The whole area is flat and sandy and waders and other seabirds are attracted to the mudflats, rocky areas and beaches around the coast.

Other places of interest include the Bay of St Augustin, famous for it's blue lobsters and sea tortoises, the nature reserve of Lake Tsimanampetsotsa and Nosy Ve Island.

Souvenirs include a traditional 'lamba' (rectangular length of cloth wrapped around the body) or a mohair rug. The main shops are along P-Tsiranana Blvd, Toliary’s main street. The souvenir market at Lyautey Blvd is known for such items as wood carvings, gems, stones, Alo Alo totems and masks.

The local beach is at Ankilibe, 5km south, on the way to Sarodrano. Many visitors prefer to use the pools at the Victory or Melody Beach hotels.

Rice is typically eaten at most meals in Madagascar. Popular street vendor foods include a variety of cakes and fritters collectively known as 'mofo' (meaning bread). The most common is 'mofo gasy'. Other sweet mofo include a deep-fried doughnut called 'menakely' and a fried dough ball called 'mofo baolina' as well as a variety of fruit fritters, such as pineapple and banana.
Cruise Terminal
Cruise ships dock at the port of Toliara located about 2km from the centre of town.

Taxi and pousse-pousse (rickshaws) pick up customers only at the port’s main gate. Agree a price before setting off.

Cruise Regions

Cruise Ships Docking In The Port Of Toliara

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