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Overview Of The Port Of Tianjin

About Tianjin
Tianjin is a metropolis in northern China and one of the five national central cities of the People's Republic of China in East Asia.

Most visitors head to Beijing, which is around 70 miles away. If you are not on an organised tour, the Tanggu Train Station is around a 40 minute drive away from the port. Here you can take the bullet train to Beijing (journey time around 90 minutes).

Tiananmen Square is the third largest city square in the world and bustles with activity.

The Forbidden City lies just beyond Tiananmen Square. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was built between 1406-1420 and the complex consists of 980 buildings. For almost 500 years, it served as the home of emperors and their households, as well as the ceremonial and political centre of Chinese government.

The Summer Palace is a former imperial palace and now a park and UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is mainly dominated by Longevity Hill and the Kunming Lake.

The Temple of Heaven complex was built in 1420 and is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. The surrounding park is the greenest place in Beijing.

View the countryside's rolling hills from the Great Wall. Most tours to the wall will visit the Badaling section which is very touristy. An alternative quieter option is travelling to the Jinshanling section (around 3 hours away).

For international brand-name goods, visit the Wangfujing shopping street, the Malls at Oriental Plaza or the Sanlitun Village Shopping Centre.

The Pearl Market near the Temple of Heaven sells coral, amber, turquoise and pearls.

Panjiayuan is the largest flea market in China. Open daily, you can shops for porcelain, paintings, souvenirs and antiques.

There is a vast array of options here, popular dishes include Peking Duck, Beggar's Chicken, Hot and Sour soup and many varieties of 'jiaozi' (dumplings).
Cruise Terminal
International cruise ships dock at the Tianjin International Cruise Home Port. However, it seems that during high season, ships may also use the old Xingang Port so it's important to know which one your ships docks at. (In general, Xingang Port is mainly used for domestic cruise ships).

There is a taxi rank outside the terminal building, ensure the driver uses his meter. It is always best to have a written address as most drivers do not speak English.
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