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Overview Of The Port Of Taolagnaro

About Taolagnaro
Taolagnaro (or Tôlanaro/Tolagnaro) is a city on the southeast coast of Madagascar, an island country in the Indian Ocean, off the south-eastern coast of Africa.

For a local colourful experience, head to the lively market where there is a wide range of goods on offer, from fresh fruit and vegetables to fish and live animals.

Go on a whale watching trip. Each year, from July to September, a large number of humpback whales congregate in the waters of Madagascar.

Around 7km from Fort Dauphin is the Reserve de Nahampoana. There are some good hiking trails where you can see many exotic plants including the Triangle Palm Tree which only exists around the Fort Dauphin area. Every species of lemur native to Madagascar can also be found in the reserve.

Not far from Nahampoana is Saiadi Botanical Gardens which features many varieties of local flora as well as lemurs, crocodiles, birds and butterflies.

Fort Flacourt, on Fort Dauphin's north-eastern tip, was built by the French in 1643. Today, little remains but a few cannons. Photos of the fort are permitted, but not of the barracks.

Go on a guided climb up the 529m high Pic Saint Louis for spectacular views of Fort Dauphin. There are two trails leading to the summit which take between 90 minutes and 3 hours.

The Spiny Forest, close to Fort Dauphin is a unique part of the region, featuring many types of cactus like plants and trees.

The cleanest and prettiest beach in Fort Dauphin is at Libanona, on the south-western side of the peninsula. The beach along Baie des Galions to the north of Libanona is the place for surfing and windsurfing (late August to May only).

The cuisine of Madagascar typically consists of a base of rice served with an accompaniment. Traditional dishes include peas with pork, (kitoza), cassava leaves with peanuts or pork (hena'omby) and beef with mixed greens sautéed with ginger, tomato and onion. Seafood is also popular.
Cruise Terminal
Cruise ships generally anchor off Fort Dauphin and tender passengers ashore. From here, it is a short, uphill walk into town.

Taxis are usually available at the pier.
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