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Overview Of The Port Of Sur

About Sur
Sur is a capital city of Ash Sharqiyah Region in north-eastern Oman, south west Asia. It is located on the coast of the Gulf of Oman.

Notes: In general, Oman is a safe place to visit. Alcohol should not be consumed in public (it is only available in hotel bars and some restaurants). Oman is a conservative Muslim country, and women should dress modestly.

The Arabic name for valley is ‘wadi’ and Wadi Shab offers stunning views of aquamarine pools, waterfalls and plantations as well as the opportunity to swim in clear, cool waters and visit a partially submerged cave.

Head to Turtle Beach where mother and baby turtles can be seen.

Ras Al Jinz Nature Reserve was established to better protect the sea turtles and their natural environment. The reserve also houses numerous 6,000 year- old archaeological sites of fishermen villages and tombstones. Excavations have unearthed several important relics such as Oman's first wooden boat and the peninsula’s oldest incense burner.

Sunaysilah Fort contains many historical items such as jewellery, pottery, cutlery and rifles. You are also able to climb up the four towers for good views of the city.

Further afield, Ras al Hadd village is popular with visitors who come here for turtle watching, spending time on the beach and touring the castle.

Wahiba Sands is a region of desert with an area of around 12,500 square kilometres. It has a diverse terrain, flora and fauna and is occupied by tribes of Bedouins.

Souvenirs such as handicrafts, clothing and incense burners can be found at the authentic souk in Sur.

Omani dishes are often based around chicken, fish, lamb and rice and contain a rich mixture of spices, herbs, and marinades. Typical Omani Dishes include ‘harees’ (wheat mixed with meat), ‘kebab’ (barbecued, grilled, or curried meat) and ‘mashuai’ (roasted kingfish).

Omani coffee (kahwa) is strong and thick, flavoured with cardamom and served with a sticky and sweet ‘halwa’, made with dates, honey, sugar, nuts and spices.
Cruise Terminal
The port is located in Sur Harbour, on the outskirts of town.

There is no regular public transport but taxis (or shared taxis) are available.

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Cruise Ships Docking In The Port Of Sur

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