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About Spanish Town
Spanish Town, on southern Virgin Gorda is the second largest town (after Road Town) on the British Virgin Islands, a British overseas territory located in the Caribbean to the east of Puerto Rico.

The Baths formation features giant boulders from an ancient volcano, scattered on a white sand beach. You can view the boulders from the sands or climb through the caves (some are so narrow you have to climb on all fours to get through), until you come out into a boulder harbour. Along the way, you will see warm tidal pools form in grottos, perfect for a dip. There are ropes to hold on at the more treacherous parts of the trail. You can swim and snorkel around the boulders. The footpath to reach The Baths is rough and uneven. It is part of the BVI National Parks Trust, park entry fee is around $3 (children 10 and younger free).

Scuba divers will find plenty of sites to visit including the wreck of the RMS Rhone, sunk in 1867 and considered by many to be among the top 10 wreck dives in the world. The Dog Islands off the coast of Virgin Gorda also are popular.

Ferries are available to Tortola and Anegada, about 15 miles from Virgin Gorda and the northernmost of the BVI. Here you will find many miles of unpopulated white sand beaches, pink flamingos and excellent snorkelling.

Hikers can head to the 265 acre Gorda Peak National Park. At 1,370ft, the peak is the highest in the BVI. From an observation tower at the summit, panoramic views of the island, sea and neighbouring islands can be seen on clear days. The park features lots of local flora and fauna including the world's smallest lizard, the Virgin Gorda gecko. The main trail to the top takes 25 minutes and is steep at times. An easier alternative trail takes around 40 minutes. (Note: a 4x4 vehicle is recommended to access the trailhead).

The Copper Mine National Park on the island's rugged south-western tip is home to ruins of a mine built in 1837 and abandoned in 1862. Ocean view trails around the ruins offer good hiking opportunities.

Devil's Bay Beach is a small beach with white sands, located right by The Baths. It is a nice spot for snorkelling with lots of colourful fish and coral.

Spring Bay Beach, adjacent to The Baths has picnic tables for picnicking and is ideal for families.

Savannah Bay Beach, north of Spanish Town, is a long, curving stretch of sand. It is relatively quiet as the site is a bit of a walk from the roadway.

In the North Sound, most of the beaches are attached to upscale resorts and reachable by private ferry. Bitter End Yacht Club has a tiny beach, which is open to non members. The resort offers many watersports including rental windsurfers, sailboats, catamarans and sea kayaks.

Grilled lobster, conch, goat or chicken curry are popular dishes. Try a 'pattie', a local pie filled with beef, tuna, chicken or saltfish.
Cruise Terminal
Most cruise ships are required to anchor and tender passengers ashore.

If anchoring off Spanish Town, you will be tendered into the Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour. Around 250ft from tender drop off is an open-air shopping complex.

Smaller cruise ships often anchor in the North Sound. Tender drop off is at Bitter End Yacht Club, a full-service resort featuring gift and souvenir shops, restaurants and watersports.

There is no public transport here. Taxis are available at both docks and are open air jitneys or vans taking groups. They also offer island tours (min 3 passengers).

The road system in Virgin Gorda is incomplete, meaning you need to take a ferry to some spots and you'll often have to walk in the street as there aren't many pavements.

Car hire is available, there are some very steep roads so a 4x4 vehicle is recommended. Driving is on the left and several companies will pick you up at the dock if you make reservations.

The Bitter End Yacht Club ferry runs between Gun Creek and the yacht club hourly and takes less than 30 minutes. The North Sound Express runs between Spanish Town and the Bitter End Yacht Club, taking about 90 minutes. Reservations are required.
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