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Overview Of The Port Of Sousse

About Sousse
Sousse is a city in Tunisia, the smallest country in North Africa.

The Medina, part of the Old Town is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can visit traditional stalls where you barter for goods such as clothing, bags and gifts. It is very busy, loud and you can be hassled by sellers so it may be best experienced on an organised trip.

Whilst at the Medina, visit Dar Essid museum, which is in an old house with every room decorated with traditional fabrics and furniture.

For something a bit different, Dar Am Taieb museum is full of original statues, sculptures and structures, mostly made out of recycled articles.

Sousse Archaeological Museum has a huge collection of Roman mosaics and is well worth a visit.

Other local attractions include the Great Mosque and Sousse Ribat (fort).

A popular excursions is to Medinat Alzahra Park, where visitors can experience Tunisian history with shows, performances, a laser light show, traditional bread making and a meal.

Kairouan, Monastir, Mahdia and El Djem are all in easy reach of Sousse.

The long white sandy beach of Boujaffar stretches from the centre of Sousse to Port el-Kantaoui, 6 miles away. A few stretches are private to the resort hotels, but most is open to the public. There is a wide selection of watersports available including paragliding, windsurfing, water-skiing and jet-skis.

Local dishes include cous cous, 'salade mechouia' (roasted vegetable salad), 'tajine' (spiced quiche), 'merguez' (spiced beef sausage) and 'marqa' (meat and vegetable stew).
Cruise Terminal
Cruise ships dock in the centre of town. Boat trips are available from the port area.

Further afield, take a tuk tuk or mini train and visit Port El Kantaoui, around 12km away.

Cruise Ships Docking In The Port Of Sousse

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