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Overview Of The Port Of Sortland

About Sortland
Sortland is a town and municipality of Vesterålen in Nordland county, Norway in Northern Europe.

Sortland is often referred to as “the Blue City”. The majority of houses are painted the same blue colour, a symbol of the bond with the sea.

There are many outdoor activities available here including kayaking, mountain climbing, fishing and hiking.

Maps showing marked trails are available from the Tourist Office in Sortland.

The current Sortland Church was built in 1902 to replace a church that was built in 1776.

Jennestad old trading post is a beautiful old sea wharf with an old fashioned store, located 8km north of Sortland. There is also a good selection of locally produced gifts/souvenirs. The museum is in the same building and the office and an exhibition gives visitors an idea of what it was like between 1900–1940.

The Midnight Sun occurs from May 23 to July 23. Great places to observe the Midnight Sun includes the Sortland Bridge, Ramnflauget, Godfjorden and Holm. Because of Sortland's high latitude, there is no real darkness between late April and mid-August.

Sortland and the Vesterålen region are perfect for observing the spectacular Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) phenomenon.

A short distance north of Sortland, at Andenes and Stø, is one of the best areas in Europe to see whales. A one hour boat trip brings you directly to the feeding grounds of the whales (May-September).

The Sami people are Europe's only officially indigenous population. The Inga Family have practiced reindeer herding in this area continuously for the past 140 years and you can organise to meet their reindeer and learn about their culture.

Sortland has several indoors shopping centres, popular souvenirs include local crafts, knitwear and trolls.

Traditional Norwegian dishes include fresh seafood and fish (cod, salmon, trout), 'fiskesuppe' (fish soup), 'sursild' (pickled herring), 'kjøttboller' (meatballs) and 'svinekoteletter' (pork chops).
Cruise Terminal
Cruise ships dock in the Port of Sortland. Tourist Information, shops and restaurants can be found in the centre of town, 200m away from the port.

Taxis, car hire and public transport are all accessible from the port.

Shuttle buses are usually available.
Cruise Regions

Cruise Ships Docking In The Port Of Sortland

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