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About Seoul
Seoul, officially the Seoul Special City, is the capital and largest metropolis of South Korea in East Asia.

In Incheon, head for Wolmido Island, which has a fun fair and stalls selling seafood. Yeonan Pier has a fish market with more than 50 stalls. The area is also known for its saltwater baths, found on Seawater Bath Street.

If you are interested in the Korean War, Jayu (Freedom) Park in Incheon features a monument to General MacArthur, who organised the pivotal UN-led Incheon landings. More information can be found at the Incheon Landing Operation Memorial Hall (closed Mondays). In Seoul, you can visit the War Memorial of Korea which includes a Korean War exhibition (closed Mondays).

Seoul has several ancient palaces. Gyeongbokgung, the oldest and grandest, was once the centre of the important Joseon Dynasty and incorporates old Chinese and royal court architecture. Nearby is UNESCO-listed Changdeokgung, which dates back to 1405 and once housed the royal family.

Insa-Dong (or Insadong) street (nearest subway stop Anguk, line 3) and its surrounds are known for antique and ceramics shops, art galleries, traditional tea shops and street stalls. Popular souvenirs include Korean ginseng, renowned for its health-giving properties and beautiful mother of pearl jewellery boxes.

The National Museum of Korea includes Buddha statues, calligraphy and a 5th century gold and jade crown (closed Mondays).

Full and half day tours to the Demilitarized Zone or DMZ outside Seoul are popular. This is the weapon-free no mans land that has separated North and South Korea since the Korean War ended in 1953. Panmunjom is the site of the armistice signing, where, under the gaze of soldiers, you can walk around a conference table into North Korean territory. (Advance booking and a passport required).

Buddhist Jogyesa Temple in Seoul gives tours and offers visitor activities such as lotus lantern making.

N Seoul tower is a landmark on a forested hill with fine views over Seoul. At the top is a restaurant and an observation deck decorated with thousands of padlocks left by lovers, inscribed with their initials.

Seoul's Bukchon heritage district showcases traditional Hanok houses. Wander the streets, cafes and museums.

Experience one of Seoul's traditional bathhouses, where you can alternate between hot and cold water and steam, relax or get a massage

Once covered by a highway, Seoul's Cheonggyechon Stream is now an urban park lined with walkways and crossed by 22 bridges. At night, waterfalls and fountains are illuminated at several points.

The Carved tablets at UNESCO-listed Jongmo Shrine are thought to house the spirits of dead kings and queens.

Reconstructed in the 1970s, the Suwon Fortress is UNESCO-listed for its faithful recreation from 18th-century records. It is found 48km south of Seoul and runs for 5.7km.

Popular local dishes include 'bibimbap' (rice, vegetables and sometimes minced beef, into which you stir an egg and chili paste using your chopsticks) and 'bulgogi' (table top barbecue). Fish restaurants as well as Chinese and western style options are also available.
Cruise Terminal
Cruise ships dock at Incheon, which is set on a peninsula in South Korea's north-west. It's a 90 minute drive from Seoul, over the grand Incheon Bridge. The terminal has a café, Internet cafe, ATM and tourist information desk.

Banks and Internet cafes can be found at Incheon subway station, about 15 minutes away. Take a taxi or bus from the port to the Dong-Incheon subway station (Line 1). From there, it will take about an hour and 20 minutes to get to the Seoul city centre. Look out for Express trains that don't stop at every station.

Buses are also available but it involves a change so the subway may be a better option.

Taxis are plentiful and metered. It's best to have your destination address written in Korean.

A new International Cruise Terminal is currently being built, due for completion in 2019.

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