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Overview Of The Port Of Semarang

About Semarang
Semarang is the capital city of the province of Central Java. It is located on the north coast of Java, Indonesia in South East Asia.

There are numerous shopping malls all over the city including the popular Plaza Simpang Lima shopping complex. At Pasar Johar traditional market you can find goods made by local artists, fresh fruits and vegetables.

There are many Chinese temples in Semarang including the Sam Po Kong Temple, constructed in honour of the great Chinese Admiral Zheng He.

Gereja Blenduk, in the old town, is a protestant church built in 1753 by the Dutch.

The Tugu Muda monument commemorates the 5 day battle between Indonesian freedom fighters and invading Japanese soldiers during World War II.

The Tanjung Mas was once a busy port during the 17th/18th century, it's now a famous tourist spot, showcasing Old Dutch Indie’s buildings.

Many restaurants and bars in Semarang serve Chinese, European and Indonesian dishes.
Cruise Terminal
Cruise ships dock at the Port of Semarang.

Taxis are available and Semarang is served by an efficient bus and van system that will take you all around the city at an affordable price.

The main bus terminal is in Terboyo in the eastern region of Semarang.
Cruise Regions

Cruise Ships Docking In The Port Of Semarang

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