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Overview Of The Port Of Sarande

About Sarande
Saranda or Sarandë is the capital of the District of Sarandë, Albania. It is situated on an open sea gulf of the Ionian Sea in the central Mediterranean, about 14km east of the north end of Corfu.

Lekursi Castle was built in the 16th century and is located on the top of a hill, overlooking Sarandë. There are excellent views of Corfu and the islands of Ksamil from the castle.

Located near to the City Hall in Sarandë, are ruins which show that there was a large wealthy Jewish community in Sarandë during the 5th century AD. The floors have many different mosaics, including animals and also a menorah and other Jewish symbols, which proves that this was a synagogue.

Near Sarandë are the remains of the ancient city of Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Interesting things to see in Butrint include the Greek amphitheatre (later remodelled by the Romans), the baptistry, the cathedral, the lion’s gate, and the museum.

The Blue Eye or “Syri i Kalter” is a natural, deep vibrant blue spring, reported to be about 45m deep. During Albania’s communist days, the Blue Eye was one of several places reserved only for the communist elite to visit, and was kept off-limits to the general public. It is located just off the road between Sarandë and Ghiorgnzzati, around 8 miles away from Sarandë.

Swimming and sunbathing can be found at Ksamil (by following the road towards Butrint). There are a few beaches from which it is possible to swim to one of the nearby islands. Paddleboats are available for rent, or take a boat trip to one of the nearby islands. Freshly caught fish and mussels from Lake Butrint are popular meals.

During the summer months there are hydrofoil ferries travelling twice a day between Corfu and Sarandë.

Unusual jewellery, Murano glass, masks, lace and leather goods make popular gifts.

The cuisine of Albania is influenced by Greek, Turkish, and Italian cooking. Meat (lamb, beef, chicken, and rabbit) is used heavily in dishes in most of the country and seafood dishes are common in Sarandë.
Cruise Terminal
Cruise ships dock at the Port of Sarandë, the cruise terminal is around a 10 minute walk from the city centre.

Cruise Ships Docking In The Port Of Sarande

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