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Overview Of The Port Of Sao Tome

About Sao Tome
São Tomé is the capital city of São Tomé and Príncipe, an island nation in the Gulf of Guinea, off the western equatorial coast of Central Africa.

Note: a Yellow Fever vaccination is required, others may also be required so check in advance.

Main activities here include snorkelling, scuba diving, boat trips and relaxing on the empty beaches. Dolphins, green turtles and many types of colourful fish can be discovered and experienced divers can also explore underwater caves.

Visit Obo National Park, local guides can take you bird watching, climbing up Pico de Sao Tome, trekking to a secluded waterfall and spotting the many species of orchid found here.

The 'Boca do Inferno' (Mouth of Hell) is a blowhole and an impressive sight for visitors.

Fort São Sebastião was built in 1575 and is now the São Tomé National Museum.

Tour of one of the islands' colonial-era plantations, some have been refurbished whilst others are being overgrown by rainforest.

A visit to the Sao Tome market provides a bustling, colourful experience and a chance to shop.

Coffee, rum, baskets and local arts and crafts make good buys. Ossobbo, near the Fort Sao Sebastiao, features local artisans and products of Sao Tome and all profits go to the craftsmen or charitable works. US Dollars and Euros are usually accepted, however credit cards (MasterCard and Visa) are only accepted at the high end hotels.

Fish and shellfish (lobster tails, shrimp and prawns) are a staple of the São Toméan diet, often served with breadfruit and mashed, cooked bananas. Grilled meats, burgers and salads can also be found as well as 'feijoada' (bean stew with beef and pork) and 'matata' (clams in port wine with finely chopped peanuts), both typical dishes of the area.
Cruise Terminal
Most cruise ships anchor and tender passengers ashore, however small vessels may be able to dock.

The tender port is close to the centre of town.

There is a bus system here but they are not very useful for tourists as they don't connect tourist sites.

Hiring a car (with or without a driver/guide) is a good way to see this small island.
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