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San Juan del Sur
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Overview Of The Port Of San Juan del Sur

About San Juan del Sur
San Juan del Sur is a coastal town in south west Nicaragua, Central America.

The main attraction in San Juan Del Sur is the beach. San Juan del Sur beach is an almost perfect "U" shape and is surrounded by mountains. Boat rides to neighbouring beaches, sports fishing, diving and whale watching can all be found here. Swimming is possible in the tranquil waters, but there are a lot of boats on the bay.

You can find shops and beachfront restaurants along San Juan Del Sur's main street. There is a small market by the bus terminal and shops in the area. Souvenirs include hand carved wood products, paintings and hammocks.

For walkers, there are a couple of hikes around San Juan del Sur. One is to hike to the lighthouse on the top of San Juan's southern headland and a shorter option is to go past the port to the southern tip of the bay along the water.

In the past few years, local eco-tour companies have been offering canopy tours, wildlife watching and beach visits.

The nearby town of Masaya is just east of Masaya Volcano (Volcán de Masaya), an active volcano from which the city takes its name. The town also has a tourist oriented market with souvenirs and handicrafts.

Granada is the oldest colonial city in Nicaragua and is a popular trip for visitors.

Nicaraguan cuisine includes a mix of indigenous, Spanish and Creole cuisines. Corn is a main staple and used in popular local dishes such as 'nacatamal' (filled corn dough dish) and 'indio viejo' (beef and vegetable stew).

Cruise Terminal
Cruise ships anchor and tender passengers ashore.

Taxis are available.

This is a small town, for attractions beyond San Juan del Sur, it is advisable to book a ship's excursion.
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