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San Blas Islands
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Overview Of The Port Of San Blas Islands

About San Blas Islands
Guna Yala, formerly known as San Blas, is an indigenous province in north-east Panama, Central America.

Activities here include hiking, fishing trips, eco-tours and boat trips exploring nearby jungles and villages where the local Kuna Indians live.

The area is surrounded by some of the oldest coral reefs in the world and offer excellent diving and snorkelling opportunities.

The Kuna Yala women are particularly known for their colourful 'Mola', woven fabric panels which often featuring geometric designs, fish and animals. Beaded jewellery and other clothing also make good gifts.

The larger villages in San Blas have small restaurants with limited menus. Villages have small grocery stores that sell basic food items and drinks.

Meals generally consist of locally caught fish, crab and lobster. The Kuna diet is very basic with western-style foods very limited.
Cruise Terminal
Cruise ships anchor and tender passengers ashore.

The tender wharf is located next to the market and beach area.
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