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Overview Of The Port Of Recife

About Recife
Recife is a metropolitan area and major port on the Atlantic Ocean in Brazil, South America.

Recife is full of bustling streets and shopping centres. The old prison has been converted to a cultural district and shopping centre, known as Casa da Cultura.

Mercado de Sao Jose, built in 1871 sells baskets, ceramics, lace and medicinal herbs, whilst Caruaru market is famous for its clay figurines.

There are many historical buildings to be found at Patio de Sao Pedro, where you can find the 16th century Cathedral of Sao Pedro and the newly restored colonial houses. Nearby is the Square of the Republic, the Theatre of Saint Isabel, Law courts and the Palace of Justice.

The Fort Cinco Pontes is a Pernambuco state museum, housing a number of valuable artefacts.

There are many lovely beaches here including Boa Viagem beach, one of the world's best city beaches, Pina and Brasilia Teimosa beaches.

Visit Dois Irmaos Park with its botanical gardens and many hiking trails.

Recife restaurants offer a wide range of options including seafood, traditional Brazilian dishes, steak, sushi, Italian, Chinese and Portuguese.
Cruise Terminal
Cruise ships currently dock in the commercial harbour of Recife. Passengers are shuttled out of the port to downtown, where taxis are available.

Recife now has a brand new cruise terminal. The port is located in the tourist part of the city, Recife Antigo (The Old Recife). Buses are generally available when a cruise ship is in dock.

The Marco Zero (Ground Zero) area of the city, close to the terminal, is home to a variety of attractions.
Cruise Regions

Cruise Ships Docking In The Port Of Recife

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