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Overview Of The Port Of Odessa

About Odessa
Odessa is located on the north-western shore and is the third largest city in Ukraine, in eastern Europe.

Odessa is a very walkable city. The famous Potemkin Steps are only around 15 minutes walk from the port.

Deribasovskaya is the central street of the old city, here you will find a 6 block pedestrian mall. Odessa is famous for it's embroidery and small wooden painted boxes. Odessa City Garden (Gorsad) is where the artisan's market is located.

Places of interest include Odessa Archaeological, Art and Local History museums, Odessa Zoo, Primorsky Boulevard and the Odessa State Academical Opera and Ballet Theatre.

There are many food options in Odessa including Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, American, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, French, and vegetarian. Other dishes to mention are "golubtsy" (cabbage rolls stuffed with meat and rice) and "vareniki" (dumplings made from boiled or fried dough, filled with meat, potatoes, cabbage, and sometimes mushrooms).

The national dish of the Ukraine is Borsch, a type of soup.
Cruise Terminal
The Port of Odessa has one of the largest passenger terminals in the Black Sea basin. The complex has number of bars, a marine gallery, an anchor museum, a yacht marina complex, church and hotel among other things.

The centre of town is around 1½ miles away.

Taxis are usually available at the quayside.
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