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Overview Of The Port Of Maceio

About Maceio
Maceió is the capital and the largest city of the coastal state of Alagoas in Brazil, South America.

There are lots of shopping opportunities here, Maceio is known for handicrafts and embroidery which have colourful and intricate designs. Cheiro de Terra is a large trade complex where visitors can buy souvenirs such as fine laces, woven clothes, curtains and jewellery.

There are also lots of handicraft shops along the streets of Pontal da Barra, located along the shores of Lake Mandau. Visitors find it interesting to watch women along the streets weave their products.

Swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving are all very popular pastimes due to the almost constant warm weather.

Boat trips can be taken to the Mouth of the Rio Sao Francisco and to Lake Mundau, which is known for its nine islands with natural channels.

Explore the white sand Marape Dunes.

The Village of Marechal Deodoro, just over a mile away, offers a glimpse of Brazil’s colonial past.

Explore the rich architectural designs at Praca Pedro Paulinho, where the Convento de Sao Francisco (old convent) is now a museum.

Popular beaches include Praia de Ponta Verde and Jatiuca (5 and 6km away respectively from the city centre).

Local mollusk delicacy 'sururu' as well as many other dishes featuring fish, crabs, lobster and shrimp are popular on menus.
Cruise Terminal
Ships dock at the Port of Jaraguá, located in downtown Maceió, next to the margins of the Mundau lagoon in the centre of town.
Cruise Regions

Cruise Ships Docking In The Port Of Maceio

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