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Overview Of The Port Of Luanda

About Luanda
Luanda (formerly São Paulo da Assunção de Loanda), is the capital and largest city of Angola, in Southern Africa. It is located on Angola's coast with the Atlantic Ocean.

Luanda is divided into two parts, the Baixa de Luanda (lower Luanda, the old city) and the Cidade Alta (upper city or the new part). The Baixa de Luanda is situated next to the port, and has narrow streets and old colonial buildings.

llha do Mussulo is a peninsula located south of Luanda. Mussulo is linked to land at the Ponta das Palmeirinhas, the westernmost point of Luanda province. The peninsula forms the Mussulo bay with three islands in it. Mussulo is a favourite beach for locals with huts and restaurants at the bay beach facing the land.

You will find lovely beaches and clear waters, great for fishing and surfing in Cabo Ledo. Restaurants here serve numerous fish and seafood dishes.

National Anthropology Museum has a collection of more than 6,000 artefacts, including art, sculptures, traditional masks, clothing, tools and jewellery.

Igreja Nossa Senhora do Pópulo is considered to be the first Anglican Church and is one of Luanda's most treasured cultural and historical sites. The current structure dates back to 1482.

Local crafts can be found at reasonable prices at Benfica HandCrafts Market just south of Luanda. (Please note that for some crafts you are required to buy "stamps" in order for it to be cleared at customs. This is compulsory, so make sure you ask before you buy).

'Funge' (cornmeal) is a very common dish and can be eaten with fish, chicken and beans. 'Moamba de galinha' is chicken with palm paste, okra, garlic and palm oil hash, often served with rice and funge. Both funge and moamba de galinha have been considered the national dish.

Other dishes common in Angolan cuisine include 'arroz' (rice) dishes, 'caldeirada de cabrito' (goat meat stew served with rice) and 'caldeirada de peixe' (fish stew).
Cruise Terminal
Cruise ships dock at the Port of Luanda.

A popular means for locals to get around the city is by minibus taxis (Candongueiros), identifiable by their pale blue and white. However, they are considered dangerous by most expats so seek out the private taxi firm if you must use a taxi.
Cruise Regions

Cruise Ships Docking In The Port Of Luanda

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