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Overview Of The Port Of Limbe

About Limbe
Limbé (formerly known as Victoria) is a seaside city in the south west region of Cameroon in west Central Africa.

Note: a Yellow Fever vaccination is required for this destination.

This port is a relatively new destination and has limited attractions. These include Limbe Wildlife Centre where you can see apes, monkeys and gorillas, the Botanic Gardens and Mondoli Island.

Limbe was a slave port, dating back to the 17th century and the ruins of the slave huts built by the Europeans can still be seen.

Remains of the eruption of Mount Cameroon in Idenau, are located around 36km from Limbe.

Monuments in memory of the Baptist missionary Alfred Saker and another celebrating 150 years of Limbe's existence as well as German buildings from the German colonial rule and a cannon which was used to fight during the First World War are also in the area.

Souvenirs include crafts and artwork, bracelets with local designs and outfits such as kaba ngondo robes.

Most beaches lie north of Limbe and are known by their distance from the city, these include "Mile 6", "Mile 11" and the one in the village of Batoke at Mile 8. Most notably, these beaches have black sand, mainly because of the presence of the nearby active volcano, Mount Cameroon.

Cuisine is mainly fish based with shrimps being a speciality. Traditional 'kwacocoa bible' and 'endeley bread' as well as vegetable and rice dishes, salads, pizza and even snails can be found on menus. Palm wine and locally made cornbeer are the drinks of choice here.
Cruise Terminal
Cruise ships anchor and tender passengers ashore.

There may be a limited number of taxis at the dock, negotiate fare before setting off.
Cruise Regions

Cruise Ships Docking In The Port Of Limbe

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