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Overview Of The Port Of Lakselv

About Lakselv
Lakselv is the largest village and administrative centre of Porsanger Municipality in Finnmark county, Norway in Scandinavia. The village lies at the southern end of the large Porsangerfjorden.

Lakselv white wooden church, in the centre of town, was built in 1963 and seats about 400 people.

Visit the dolomite trolls (Trollholmsund) where an old Sami myth tells the story of how the trolls were turned into stone.

Silfar Canyon is one of the largest in Northern Europe.

Stabbursnes Nature Reserve was established to protect a wetland area of great botanical and ornithological interest.

Stabbursdalen National Park has many marked trails to explore.

Kistrand Church is 55km north of Lakselv and is one of the few churches in Finnmark to survive WWII.

At Lasarettmoen (27km south of Lakselv), the marked trail leads to the remains of one of the largest WWII field hospitals in Finnmark.

Activities include hiking and fishing during the summertime and skiing, snowmobile safaris, ice fishing and dog sledding during the winter months.

There is a small selection of shops and supermarkets in town.

Both traditional Norwegian cuisine such as reindeer, meatballs and salmon can be found on menus alongside popular options such as pasta, pizza, lamb, chicken and pork dishes.
Cruise Terminal
Cruise ships anchor and tender passengers ashore here.

Car hire and local buses can be found in the centre of town.
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