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Overview Of The Port Of Kotor

About Kotor
Kotor is a coastal town in Montenegro, a country in south-eastern Europe. Kotor is located in a secluded part of the Gulf of Kotor.

Walk the old city walls, which date back to 168 BC and are ½ km long.

St Tryphon cathedral dates back to 1166 and is one of the largest and most beautiful medieval churches in Croatia.

Visit the Maritime Museum or the Lady of the Rock, a sacred place located on a small island next to Kotor. It was a church from 1661-1713 and has a small museum at the back.

Locally made woollen goods, carvings, pottery and lace all make good gifts.

Beaches in Kotor are mainly stony and usually found in front of hotels. Two sandy beaches can be found in Orahovac and Ljuta, several miles away from the town centre on the way to Risan.

Local dishes include domestic fish thick soup (usually cooked trout), "njoke" (pasta speciality) and "frustula" (a crunchy, dry, sweet biscuit).
Cruise Terminal
Smaller cruise ships can dock at the pier whilst larger ships need to anchor in the bay and come ashore by tender. The terminal is very small and located near the Old City. The town is only a few minutes walk away.

Taxis are available for longer trips but the town itself if easy to explore on foot.

There are souvenir shops, cafes and money exchange near the Old Town entrance.

Cruise Ships Docking In The Port Of Kotor

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