Komodo Island

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Komodo Island
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Overview Of The Port Of Komodo Island

About Komodo Island
Komodo is one of the 17,508 islands that make up the Republic of Indonesia.

Komodo, together with the nearby islands of Padar, Rinca, and other smaller islands are part of the Komodo National Park. The island is particularly notable as the natural habitat of the Komodo Dragon, the largest lizard on earth.

Pink Beach is one of the famous tourist destinations in Komodo National Park. The clear waters and coral make it a popular snorkelling spot.

Take a boat trip to explore the nearby islands. Rinca Island is home to buffalos, monkeys, green cobra, deer and wild boars, there are many hiking trails to choose from. Kelimutu Volcano is close to the small town of Moni on Flores Island.

The clear waters here make snorkelling and scuba diving the main draw of the area.

Traditional Indonesian dishes include Gulai (curry), nasi campur (mixed meat rice), semur (stew) and martabak (filled pancake).
Cruise Terminal
Cruise ships anchor in Slawi Bay on Komodo Island and tender passengers ashore.
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