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Overview Of The Port Of Kiel

About Kiel
Kiel is the capital city of the state of Schleswig-Holstein in Northern Germany, west-central Europe.

Laboe Naval Memorial is 72m high and has an observation deck near the top. There is also a large, underground memorial room and a museum detailing the history of the German Navy.

U-Boot U995 is a type V11-C submarine built in 1942. In 1975 it was converted into a museum and is the only surviving type V11 in the world.

Bulker Leuchtturm is located on the westernmost headland of the Kiel Fjord and serves as a guiding light to the entrance into the fjord.

The oldest building in the city is the 13th century Nikolaikirche (St Nicholas' Church).

Kiel University's botanical gardens feature over 14,000 plant species from all over the world. The greenhouses each represent a different climate - tropical, rainforest, desert etc.

For something a little unusual, check out the Town Hall's paternoster (lift) which consists of a chain of open compartments that move slowly in a loop up and down inside a building without stopping. Most were closed during the 70's and 80's so it's one of only a few open to the public.

Other local attractions include the small Zoologisches Museum, Kiel Aquarium and the Historical and Military museums.

Kiel's Holstenstra├če (Holsten Street) is one of the longest shopping miles in Germany. There is a wide range of gifts ranging from porcelain, handmade crystal and jewellery to leatherwork and binoculars.

There are lots of hearty and cheap snacks on offer including Bratwurst, currywurst and bockwurst as well as the usual fast food options.
Cruise Terminal
There are 3 terminals cruise ships can dock at, all close to the city centre.

There is a train station nearby and taxis are available if a little expensive.
Cruise Regions

Cruise Ships Docking In The Port Of Kiel

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