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Overview Of The Port Of Karachi

About Karachi
Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan in South Asia, and its main seaport and financial centre, as well as the capital of Sindh province.

Places of interest include Mazar-e-Quaid (tomb of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan), Mohatta Palace and museum and Masjid e Tooba, the largest single-domed mosque in the world.

Bhambore archaeological site is located around 64km from Karachi and is assumed to be the ancient port city of Debul. It has a small museum and remains of an old mosque.

Haleji Lake is about 83km from Karachi and is a home to hundreds of migrant birds from Siberia during the winter. It is a birdwatcher's paradise and spots include purple moorhens, kingfishers, white herons, flamingos, pelicans and pheasants.

Bagh Ibn-e-Qasim is the country's largest park, it's main entrance is opposite the Park Towers Shopping Mall. The Park nearly extends all the way to Clifton beach, which offers plenty of entertainment such as horse and camel rides, amusement parks, restaurants and swimming.

The National Museum of Pakistan collects, preserves and studies various artefacts associated with Pakistani cultural heritage. Today there are eleven galleries including the Quran gallery which exhibits 300 identical copies.

Thatta is a UNSECO World Heritage Site which features a vast old necropolis near the hills of Makli.

There are many markets, bazaars and modern shopping malls dotted all around, popular souvenirs include local handicrafts, clothing, purses and sindhi glass work.

In Pakistan, main courses are usually served with either wheat bread (roti or naan) or rice. Meat plays a dominant role in Pakistani food, the most popular are goat or mutton, beef and chicken. Classic dishes include kebabs, curries (Korma and Aloo Gosht) and 'nihari' (beef shank). Seafood is popular in the coastal areas of Sindh.
Cruise Terminal
The port of Karachi is located approximately 2.5km from the city centre in the Baba Channel.

The Port of Karachi is planning a 1947ft Port Tower as a commercial, residential, and recreational centre.

There are plans for a new Cruise Terminal at Manora Island in the near future.

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