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Overview Of The Port Of Jeddah

About Jeddah
Jeddah is a city in the Hijazi Tihamah region on the coast of the Red Sea and is the major urban centre of western Saudi Arabia.

Jeddah's top sight is 'al-Balad' (the old town). The old gates still mark where the city walls once stood. Inside you'll find many traditional souqs (markets) and ancient buildings, however, most are in disrepair as coral is not a durable building material. Souq al-Alawi is at the heart of the old city.

Naseef House, the former house of one of Jeddah's main trading families is now a museum and cultural centre.

Jeddah Corniche has great views of the Red Sea. The main shopping street is on Tahliya, good quality gold can be found at the Gold Souq.

The King Fahd Fountain is the tallest water fountain in the world.

Scuba diving is a major draw for expats and visitors, the flora and fauna are quite similar to what you'd see on Egypt's Red Sea Coast but with far fewer tourists. Visibility can be excellent and the corals are virtually untouched.

An ideal place to cool off is the water park at Sail Island. The park was built on an artificial peninsula and is covered by several sail-like tents, which offer welcomed shade.

Atallah Happy Land Park, (Jeddah Corniche) is an amusement park with indoor and outdoor rides and attractions, ice skating, bowling, dining, shopping and 6D theatre.

Al-Shalal Theme Park (Jeddah Corniche near end of Sary Street), boasts the largest double looped roller coaster in the Asian continent.

Private beaches include the ones at Durrat Al-Arus, Crystal Resort, Sheraton Abhur and Al Remal.

There are many shopping malls here including the Red Sea Mall (one of the largest), Mega Mall and Jeddah International Mall, the oldest mall in Jeddah.

There are many shisha cafes and a large variety of coffee shops. Alcohol is banned in Saudi Arabia but non-alcoholic beer and cocktails and other drinks are available in restaurants.

Jeddah is full of restaurants with almost every cuisine imaginable and eating out is part of the city's culture. All the restaurants have separate sections for single men and for families. All businesses close for prayer for about half an hour at noon and at sunset. They close again an hour after sunset for about 45 minutes.

Khūzī (stuffed lamb) is the traditional national dish, and kebabs and 'shawarma' (grilled marinated meats, such as lamb, mutton, or chicken) are also popular.

Snacks can be found at falafel shops or 'boofias' (corner shops). There are also many fast food chains here.
Cruise Terminal
The cruise dock is far away from the city centre.

Note: Only pre-booked tour passengers will be allowed ashore.

There are strict dress codes for women in Saudi Arabia, check in advance what clothing may be required if you on planning on booking an excursion.
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