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Overview Of The Port Of Ilulissat

About Ilulissat
Ilulissat (formerly Jakobshavn), is a town in the Qaasuitsup municipality in western Greenland, located approximately 200km north of the Arctic Circle.

A familiar sight here are sled dogs, which are tied up and snoozing in front of many homes. If you get too close, they may growl and snap at you. These dogs are bred to work and as such, aren’t your usual, friendly pet type.

Mosquitoes thrive in Greenland, particularly in July and August so insect repellent and keeping covered up is wise.

You don't have to go on a tour to see the huge icebergs, you'll see them from any high viewpoint, if you do want to get closer, there are tours available via your ship or local tour offices.

Displays in the Knud Rasmussen Museum show typical Greenlandic dress and tell the town's history.

Sealskin mittens, jackets, boots and toys make good gifts. Tupilaks are little carvings of strange looking characters, made from a variety of materials such as caribou antler, driftwood, walrus tusk or bone. They were once to cast evil spells but are now said to ward off evil spirits. (Note: it is illegal to bring home artefacts made of certain marine mammals check beforehand what you are buying).

The ancient settlement of Sermermiut was first inhabited more than 4,000 years ago by the Saqqaq people, who were the first people to migrate to Greenland. See the remains of 18th century houses and ancient pre-Christian graves.

A collection of Greenlandic art can be seen at the Ilulissat Art Museum. The paintings, mostly by Danish artist Emanuel Petersen, depict local scenes, which means icebergs, ships and Inuit people. (Open Mon-Thurs and Sun, 1-4pm)

Menu items range from musk ox soup, "mattak" (whale fat), seafood, fresh salmon, halibut and catfish to reindeer, lamb, pizzas and burgers. A Greenlandic buffet is a good way of tasting the many different options on offer.
Cruise Terminal
Cruise ships anchor outside the main harbour, sometimes right next to an iceberg. Passengers are tendered ashore and from the dock it’s a short climb up the wooden stairs into town where you’ll find souvenir shops, hotels, museums and a bank close by.

Walking is the best way to get around. Maps are available either on the ship or most shops will have one.

There are limited numbers of taxis available, should you wish to hire one.

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