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Iles des Saintes
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About Iles des Saintes
The Îles des Saintes ("Islands of the Saints"), also known as Les Saintes, is a small archipelago of the French Antilles. It is a dependency of the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe.

Fort Napoleon houses a museum and small botanical garden, check times as it is usually only open part of the day. It is quite a hike, local minibuses can be used to get to the top where you have great views from the top.

There are lots of shops, cafes and restaurants in town, it has a feeling of being in the south of France.

In the east lie several beaches, there are also some close to the tender point.

Dishes have a mix of French, Creole and international flavours, one local dish is goat curry.
Cruise Terminal
Most cruise ships anchor and tender passengers ashore. The centre of town is a short walk away.

Scooter rental is available, a driver's licence is required.

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