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About Havana
Havana lies on the northern coast of Cuba, and is the capital city. Cuba is located south of the Florida Keys, where the Gulf of Mexico joins the Caribbean.

There are several pedestrian zones in the city including La Plaza Vieja, La Calle Obispo and La Plaza de Armas. Note: many streets in Havana are cobblestoned.

Official taxis are metered and are widely available throughout the city. In addition, there are numerous unofficial taxis, many of which are vintage cars that are not metered or insured. Be sure to negotiate a price in advance.

CocoTaxis are bright yellow, three wheeled, open air vehicles which carry two passengers and the driver, they are fun for short trips, but aren't metered, so establish a price in advance.

Horse drawn Carriages offer sightseeing tours of La Habana Vieja.

Plaza de Armas in Old Havana, is full of musicians, booksellers and arts and crafts vendors. Plaza Vieja, also in the old city, was laid out in 1559 and served as the main square of Havana until the 19th century.

The Malecon is a 4 mile winding seafront promenade lined with numerous attractive and important buildings.

Catedral de San Cristobal, Havana's Baroque main cathedral towers over the Plaza de la Catedral and its 17th and 18th century colonial buildings.

Museo de la Revolucion is dedicated to the revolution and is housed in the former presidential palace.

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes is contained in two buildings. One is dedicated to Cuban art and the other, two blocks away in the Palacio del Centro Austuriano, focuses on international art, especially European painting and sculpture, as well as ancient art.

Popular souvenirs include rum, cigars, wood carvings, items made from shells and paintings.

Varadero beach sits on a 12 mile long peninsula, is home to many luxury all inclusive resorts and is located two hours drive from Havana.

Las Playas del Este is a series of beaches and beach towns that stretch for nearly 30 miles. The first one is around 20 minutes drive from Havana.

Traditional Cuban food such as roast pork, black beans, rice and plantains along with seafood are all on offer here.
Cruise Terminal
Ships dock at the Terminal Sierra Maestra, which is centrally located and an easy walk to all the attractions.
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