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Overview Of The Port Of Hammerfest

About Hammerfest
Hammerfest is a municipality in Finnmark county, Norway.

Hammerfest is the northernmost town in the world. It’s not unusual to spot reindeer walking the town streets!

The central market sells local food and hand-made traditional items such as jumpers, knives, shoes and reindeer furs. The Town Hall and a bust of the composer Ole Olsen, a native of Hammerfest can be found in the market square.

The Lutheran church is a striking example of modern architecture.

In Strandgata there is the little Roman Catholic church, mostly built by German volunteers.

Visit the Hammerfest History and the Museum of Post-War Reconstruction or The Museum of Reconstruction for Finnmark and North-Troms.

The Royal And Ancient Polar Bear Society displays the town’s proud traditions regarding fishing and hunting in Arctic areas.

The Meridian Column (Meridianstøtten) was erected in memory of the largest international measurement of the Earth's shape and size.

Go on a guided walk through the town or experience a scenic boat trip around a neighbouring island.

From the market square a footpath runs up Salen, the ridge of hills on the south side of the town. The climb to the top takes about 20 minutes. There is a lovely view of the open sea from the west end of the hill.

Local restaurants serve dishes traditional Sami dishes incorporating reindeer, fish and game. Examples include 'bierggojubttsa' (soup with meat, potatoes, carrots or other root vegetables), 'suovasbierggo' (smoked meat) and 'gåjkkebierggo' (dried meat, eaten as is or in soup with potato and rice).
Cruise Terminal
Ships will either dock at Fuglenes, around 1 mile away from the centre of Hammerfest or anchor and tender passengers ashore.

Toilets, telephones and internet access are available at the pier area.

Shuttle buses, taxis, car hire and public transport are all nearby.
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