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Overview Of The Port Of Hakodate

About Hakodate
Hakodate is a city and port located in Hokkaido, Japan in East Asia.

Mount Hakodate is a 334m high mountain at the southern end of the peninsula on which much of central Hakodate is located. On clear days the views from the mountain are spectacular. The summit is accessible by ropeway, bus or car and facilities here include observation platforms, souvenir shops, a cafe and casual restaurant.

Fort Goryƍkaku is shaped like a five-pointed star. This allowed for more gun emplacements on its walls and reduced the number of blind spots where a cannon could not fire.

A morning market (Hakodate Asaichi) is held daily from 5.00am to noon, just a few steps away from JR Hakodate Station. The market area spans about four city blocks and items include fresh seafood, fruit and vegetables.

Motomachi is located at the foot of Mount Hakodate and many foreign looking buildings can be found in the area including the Russian Orthodox Church, the Old British Consulate, the Chinese Memorial Hall and the old Hakodate Public Hall. The Motomachi district can be accessed from JR Hakodate Station in a 5 minute tram ride or 20-30 minute walk.

Hakodate Port was among the first Japanese ports to be opened to international trade towards the end of the Edo Period (1600-1867). Several red brick warehouses from past trading days survive along the waterfront in the bay area of Hakodate, and have recently been redeveloped into a shopping, dining and entertainment complex. Sightseeing cruises of the bay can be taken from here. It is a 20 minute walk from Hakodate Station or a 5 minute walk from the Jujigai tram stop (5 minutes from Hakodate Station).

Designated as a "quasi national park" and located only twenty kilometres north of Hakodate, Onuma Park is 20km from Hakodate and is known for its picturesque, island dotted lakes and majestic dormant volcano, Mount Komagatake. The park's most attractive area is located between the two lakes, Onuma (large lake) and Konuma (small lake) and can be explored easily on foot. Bicycle hire is also available.

In high season, visitors can take a sightseeing boat tour. Canoeing, tennis, golf and fishing are also on offer.

Sake, woodwork, Kokeshi dolls, embroidery, lacquerware and ceramics all make good gift ideas.

Popular dishes include seafood rice bowl - steaming rice topped with freshly caught seafood, sushi, ramen (noodle dish) and tempura (fish or vegetables in batter).
Cruise Terminal
Cruise ships dock at the Port of Hakodate. A Tourist Information stand is generally set up when ships are in port.

Shuttle bus services are provided from the port to downtown Hakodate.

If you don't speak Japanese, it is advisable to have a written address of your destination as addresses can be confusing, even for drivers. (Note: Taxi left rear doors are closed automatically by the driver).
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