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Overview Of The Port Of Fortaleza

About Fortaleza
Fortaleza is the state capital of Ceará, located in north-eastern Brazil, the largest country in both South America and the Latin America region.

Mercado Central is the main shopping market selling everything from lace, pottery and clothing to souvenirs, bags and nuts.

Learn about the history of Cachaça at the Cachaça museum, with it's vast collection of documents, pictures, bottles, barrels of spices, and maps. It is located at the Ypióca theme park.

Other local places to visit include Metropolitana Cathedral, Dragon of the Sea Cultural Centre and Fortaleza Cathedral.

Fortaleza has about 25 km of urban beaches including the popular Praia do Futuro, noted for it's strong surf and lots of bars.

Note: neighbourhoods inland from the beach areas are not considered safe to wander around.

Regional dishes include 'carne de sol' (sliced beef), 'baiao de dois' (rice and beans) and 'picadinho Cearense' (combination of foods on one dish - hand-chopped beef, rice, sautéed kale, boiled potatoes, and poached or fried egg).
Cruise Terminal
Cruise ships dock in the commercial port. As only a few taxis are allowed inside the port area, visitors may need to walk to the port entrance where more are waiting.

Shuttle buses are usually available to take passengers into town.
Cruise Regions

Cruise Ships Docking In The Port Of Fortaleza

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