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Overview Of The Port Of Fjaerland

About Fjaerland
Fjærland is a village in the municipality of Sogndal, along the Fjærlandsfjord, in Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway. The Fjærlandfjord is a branch of the Sognefjord, the longest fjord in Norway.

Most visitors come here to explore the surrounding fjord, mountains and glaciers. The glacier arms Bøyabreen and Supphellebreen (a part of the Jostedalsbreen glacier) and the Norwegian Glacier Museum are located nearby.

The glacier in Jostedalsbreen National Park is the largest glacier on mainland Europe, it is around 80km long.

In Mundal you will find The Norwegian Book Town with several picturesque second-hand book shops.

The Tourist Information is situated in one of the Booktown's bookshops. There is also an art gallery and souvenir shop, selling locally made products such as the Fjaerland-shoe, knitwear and pottery. You can also hire bikes and book taxis here.

Fjærland church dates from 1861 and was rebuilt in 1931.

The beautiful Hotel Mundal, built in 1891, is one of the few remaining wooden hotels left in Fjord Norway. It is open in June-August.

The Bøyaøyri estuary at the head of the fjord is a protected nature reserve, due to its part in bird migration during the spring and autumn. 100 species have been observed and approximately 50 of them nest in the area.

Fjærland has 30km of village roads, ideal for cycling, jogging and walking. Kayak tours and river fishing are also available.

Try some local dishes such as 'sosekjøtt' (stew), meatballs, fresh fish and seafood or deer burger.
Cruise Terminal
Cruise ships dock at Mundal, which is the centre of Fjærland.

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Cruise Ships Docking In The Port Of Fjaerland

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