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Overview Of The Port Of Dikili

About Dikili
Dikili is a coastal town and a district of ─░zmir Province in the Aegean Region of Turkey.

A few small shops are scattered along the waterfront with a limited selection of merchandise. English is not widely spoken.

Merkez Mosque is constructed of wood and built in 1789.

The ancient Greek city of Pergamum is where many visitors head to from here. It is around 30 minutes drive away.

Popular buys include carpets, ceramics, jewellery and copper items.

Local dishes are mainly based on fish (especially tuna and bonita), lamb, olive oil and spices. Meze are typical Turkish appetizers and include cheese pastries, dolmas and potato fritters.
Cruise Terminal
Most ships anchor off the port of Dikili and passengers will be taken ashore via tender, landing in the town centre.

Taxis are sometimes available.
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